Caster releases "Pale Rider" on Subsidia Records

Caster is back on Excision's record label Subsidia Records for the release of a new song called "Pale Rider".

We welcome once again one of the artists who stood out the most in the debut release of Subsidia Records, Caster. When Excision announced the born of his new record label, of the 118 songs that were released, fans were amazed with The Lunar Ritual. This song was a propellant in his professional career and thousands began to take an interest in him.

Since October 2019 he has made his mark in the darkest corners of electronic music. He has a versatile sound that ranges from melodic bass, to midtempo, dubstep, trap and psytrance. Right now your identity is irrelevant, for this project and vision to come to life, his art must first speak for itself. After this, he had the opportunity to release an extended play on the record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records, Black Sands EP.

So far in 2021, Caster has released numerous productions since Disturbia, Fallen's Mantra, Worship until the song WAS AMAZING. Now the unknown producer is back to Subsidia Records to make his mark again with the launch of their new work of art, Pale Rider.

caster, Subsidia Records

This is probably not the only piece he is going to release and there will be many more to come soon, perhaps in an extended play. But in the meantime we have this new work called Pale Rider where as always, he executes different sound structures and designs in a single production.

It follows similar patterns to his song The Lunar Ritual but even more ghoulish and with a more cinematic and dark context. It seems that you are fully feeling the staging of what you want to convey through the Artwork. A journey full of incendiary emotions that find their way through the dubstep and even leave little influences on the psytrance.

The return of Caster to Subsidia Records It is a reality and this is surely only the beginning. Listen to his new song Pale Rider on all platforms.

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