Last Heroes remix "Safe With Me" by Gryffin & Audrey Mika

Last Heroes remixed the Gryffin & Audrey Mika production "Safe With Me" via Interscope Records.

The duo of Garrett & Brian, known professionally asLast Heroes , They are back. After closing 2020 with the sophomore EP calledfinding lights , where the artists showed their most ambitious and personal project of their career, continue to surprise. In addition, it is worth highlighting the first collaboration they made with Trivecta y RUN en waiting for you, both releases via Ophelia Records.

DJs and producers start the 2021 with force with nothing more and nothing less than in an event. Jason Ross invited them once more, to his residence in Insomniac with Atlasbut this time at Park 'N RaveIt held in NOS Events Center. Could only go Brian to the Drive-In, which closed the Set with two remixes not currently available. «Part of me» to Caro and another unexpected one, which froze the audience as well as the spectators at home, «Safe With Me» toGryffin & Audrey Mika .

On 25 de January the artists announced through social networks that a new remix was coming this week. There was no doubt that it was going to be one of two remixes that Brian put on his performance. So finally, the chosen one has been «Safe With Me«.

The remix is ​​a marvel, transmitting the purest style of the Melodic bassrepresented by the artists. Even the twist on the chorus of Audrey mika, they have improved it considerably. The Dj and producer gryffin, has shown them all his support and is really happy with the result of the remix.

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