ILLENIUM releases "Fallen Embers", his fourth album

ILLENIUM releases his fourth studio album called "Fallen Embers" consisting of a total of fourteen productions.

One of the most anticipated days of the year has arrived after several months of waiting and excitement. The producer's fourth studio album ILENIUM is already a reality. It all started last year with a simple streaming through Twitch where he reported that he had signed for a record label. Later days he announced that he was joining 12ToneMusic and on August 28 he released Nightlight with her friend Annika Wells.

All fans thought the desired fourth studio album was coming, but it had yet to be confirmed. After releasing one of his most anticipated mixes in recent years Ashes To Ashes Mix 4, the second song arrived with Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves, paper-thin. For every song that came out, remixes like the one from Headhunterz.

For Christmas day ILLENIUM & Dabin gave the most precious gift that could be given in the dark times we were going through, music. The first collaboration of the producers and desired by all the fans came together with Lights to shape Hearts On Fire. And it was when at the beginning of February the most anticipated news of all was shared, the announcement of the album Fallen Embers.

After the official announcement, ILENIUM collaborated with iann dior by First Time and was remixed by Kayzo. Weeks later he announced his own festival in Cancun, Ember Shores. In May, one of the most dreamed of collaborations by fans was revealed Sideways, together with nurko & Valerie Broussard. When we all believed that no more songs would arrive until July 16, ILENIUM ad Trilogy, making history in the United States. One day before the show, he released one last song before Fallen Embers, Heavenly Side.

After almost a year, the long-awaited fourth album Fallen Embers is here, closing an era and opening a new phase in his career. Composed of a total of fourteen productions with expected collaborations.

ILLENIUM, Fallen Embers

One was totally new but without leaving the past totally behind, since he himself said that it reminded him in part of Ashes. The fourth full-length work of ILLENIUM Fallen Embers begins by cracking hearts with the vocal performance of Tori Kelly in the song Blame Myself. This production was not known until the weekend of Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, when the producer Virtual Riot premiered the remix they made together. It was then that ILENIUM responded to a tweet to a user stating that they had remixed one of the songs on Fallen Embers.

The second song is Heavenly Side with the singer-songwriter matt mason, which was released the day before Trilogy for reaching 10,000 pre-saves on the album. This song was not really planned to be released and wanted to reveal one of the productions that were not known until that moment. Immersing ourselves further in this journey we arrive at Fragments with the interpretation of Natalie Taylor, where they had a demo and when Natalie came in she embroidered it. She did better, to make it sound perfect and love the song and it was a pleasure for him to work with her.

One of the dream collaborations of this album that fans wanted so much and that was released in a Park 'N Rave. The formation with nurko has been fulfilled with Sideways, along with the imposing voice of Valerie Broussard to create one of the best of the album. The fifth song had a bit of controversy because the lyrics were scheduled to be released in a Lost Kings production. Eventually it didn't happen as expected and the record label got the rights and ILENIUM launched next to iann dior the song First Time. Ignoring that incident, it was one of the songs that had the most impact, thanks to the producer's idea of ​​visiting all his fans with clues about the release.

ILLENIUM, Fallen Embers, Heavenly Side, Sideways, First Time

The trip has many emotional and sentimental songs, and this is one of them, U & Me. The participation of the singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan gives a boost to melodic drops and chords played, which will tear anyone apart. It's like living a story through music with the person you love, wanting to go anywhere, as long as it's together. The seventh production is Nightlight, with the interpretation of Annika Wells. It is a peaceful love song where you are in the dark and you have someone who is your light at the end of the tunnel, a way out ... His relationship with Lara is in the phase where he can spend time at home with her and Peanut, experiencing something. different on it.

Another of the jewels of the album and possibly one of the best is Hearts On Fire. The long-awaited first collaboration of ILENIUM with his friend dabin to give it as a gift for Christmas day with Lights. One of the most anticipated and which was quite a surprise that it happened, the collaboration with SLANDER. In a live broadcast, they already dropped rumors that there was a possible song among the producers but nothing was clear. Later it was confirmed and when the celebration of Ubbi Dubbi Festival, ILENIUM brought to SLANDER to premiere the collaboration. The song Lay It Down features the participation of the sisters Krewella, who during Live Zer0 Concert Experience they played a different version.

Of the fourteen productions, possibly the one that nobody expected and has surprised the most is losing patience. It has the participation of nothing, nowhere achieving one of the most complex lyrics and composition of the album. The chords immerse you in a critical world from the first second and the voice catches you to the depths without you being able to free yourself. On the other hand we have the third collaboration of Excision with his friend ILENIUM, along with one of the best singer-songwriters in the industry, HALIENE.

After the songs Gold (Stupid Love) and Feel Something have been reborn from the ashes to create a new hymn called In My Mind. This production was also released during Ubbi Dubbi Festival, earning the admiration of all fans. It was written in 30 minutes by Avalan, Matluck & HALIENE before an Armin van Buuren show in Phoenix. It's what the album needed but we didn't expect it to happen and the combination Excision & ILLENIUM will be seen in Bass Canyon again.

ILLENIUM, Fallen Embers, Nightlight, Hearts On Fire, Paper Thin

Arriving at the end of this journey, we enter paper-thin, as one of the most desired collaborations by the producer. ILENIUM has always been a fan Tom DeLonge and he has fulfilled one of his dreams in collaborating with one of his favorite artists. Nor could a new collaboration be missing. Said The Sky, after the great work they have been doing together for years. The new song from the producers is Crazy Times, which was premiered by Said The Sky during Sunset Music Festival. It is also the production that was created during the lockdown last year and broadcast on Twitch.

The last piece and the one that has torn fans the most is Brave Soul with Emma Grace. In itself the composition is good but the background behind the song is so painful that any listener feels it. ILENIUM premiered this song during Trilogy in advance of Fallen Embers. Some fans will remember when ILENIUM did an interview with Complex; said there was a song more emotional than Take you down. The production he was referring to was Brave Soul, and that would be the last of the album Fallen Embers. The song is dedicated to one of the producer's best friends, and brother of Emma Grace, which unfortunately they lost by overdose. Interpreting her Brave Soul, burst into tears during the performance of how much it means.

The end of an era that has stretched back from before Ashes, to Awake and Ascend, to start a new one and with the release of the fourth studio album. A closing making history in the United States, and with new long-term projects. The new album Fallen Embers by ILLENIUM, is now available on all platforms.

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