MitiS releases his long-awaited sophomore album "Lost" on Ophelia Records

MitiS releases his long-awaited sophomore studio album "Lost" consisting of twelve productions through Ophelia Records.

You have waited a long time but you know that all that time has been worth it and the long-awaited day has finally arrived. We were quite the ones who waited for the long-awaited sophomore studio album by the dj and producer MitiS. It is also the third album to be released through Ophelia Records after Jason Ross & Xavi.

Since 2020, the producer was giving a lot of clues that he was working on his second album. And it all started when at the end of the year, through social networks, he mentioned Seven Lions announcing that it was time to release this music. After that, we all thought that it was the moment we all expected, the preparations for the second album.

Ophelia Records' first release of this XNUMX was one of the most anticipated productions of MitiS. Beside RØRYopened the year on the Seven Lions label with Try. One of the most special songs of both artists and that, without anyone knowing, would become the first release of the album. After that, the artist had the opportunity to have his own Park 'n Rave in honor of the release. A phenomenal performance where he presented several unreleased songs and for the first time the public heard Try live. A month after the launch of the long-awaited production, MitiS made an appearance again with another of the songs most desired by the fans, Homesick.

Following these two releases, the excitement continued to remain in the hearts of many and the long-awaited announcement came true. MitiS announced his second album on March 4 and on March 8 the last song before its release. Next to Zack Gray, offered the world a new emotional production called Hurt.

The long wait is over and if you have come this far it is because you expected it as much as we did. The sophomore album study of MitiS called Lost composed of a total of twelve productions.


It was no mere coincidence that the three productions mentioned above were the first to be released. Introducing the album with Searching, follow the same launch order here. The resonant soundscape, echoes what is about to begin, appeasing the aura to introduce, Try, Homesick & Hurt. The fourth production we enter fully into more emotional and joyful melodies with Without Me, together with Danni Carra. Little by little moving away from the previous productions and changing the sound design for something fresher. Bloom has certain similarities to Try, especially at the beginning of the song. However, it breaks the schemes by being an instrumental production, without the accompaniment of vocals. It is a release of emotions, which conveys MitiS through this song, how little by little the piano accompanies the melody to the point of hatching.

Rico & Miella reappear in Ophelia Records, doing a prodigious job, this time with MitiS. They work together in Follow you, with chords similar to Bloom as well. The guitar strings rip apart as Rico & Miella's voices slide through them. A combination of power and energy in the same song, capable of making you feel that you can do everything. Four minutes of sound experience that reaches the depths of you. The shock that comes when you step into When I Say You're Mine, is a feeling that radiates nostalgia. It completely changes the previously used notes that catch you immediately. This time he works with Luma & Notelle, surprising in equal parts. It could be perfectly one of the productions that most impact the album, especially because of the abrupt change it makes.

Two artists come together to continue giving the melodic approach to the album and that they could not miss. Crystal Skies they collaborate with MitiS with an instrumental production called Forgotten. Resonant and distorted melodies accompanied by emotional outbursts, is what they offer us through the song. A cluster of feelings united at the same point. Again, surprise with Running away collaborating with Sublion & Ashley Apollodor, without the album falling into monotony, creating different sensations.

It is almost the end of what we have been waiting for so long and it cannot end better. Back To Me with Bella Renee to awaken the best emotions and feelings. A beautiful lyric as well as the voice of Bella, accompanied by a sound design that infuses more glory. The outcome could not end in a better way than this and also, calling itself Found. A beginning and an end united by ten productions between Searching Found. During the trip we were lost but we have finally found ourselves.

This has been the journey that the dj and producer has taken us MitiS through Ophelia Records with his sophomore album Lost.

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