"Illusions" closes the EP of Frenchcore Worldwide 008

Dr. Peacock & Sefa put an end to EP Frenchcore Worldwide 008 with the last chapter called "Illusions".

We had been waiting a month to know the fourth song composing the new EP by Dr. Peacock and Sefa. Since Steve and Sefa announced the launch of their new EP Frenchcore Worldwide 008, we have gradually learned the story of a young music lover through different chapters. Today, May 28, with the release of the fourth chapter, this story ends.

The protagonist's story began with Adagio, first chapter, where we could listen to the overture that accompanied the introduction of the story, a boy who begins to have his contact with music through visions. The first turning point of this story occurs with Everything is a lie, corresponding to the ssecond episode, where the protagonist has serious doubts that these visions are true. The second pivot point is in Inbound, our protagonist decides to take control of the situation, where we find a Matrix moment with the red and blue pills. Finally, with Illusions the outcome, the entrance to a totally psychedelic world, having chosen the red pill.

Unlike the previous raleases of the extended play Frenchcore Worldwide 008, in Illusions we found one synergy total melody and kick drum. In previous editions of the EP, from our point of view, one of these elements had more prominence than the other. However, on this occasion, Illusions transports us with the harmony that the melodic instrument gives off and the kick used so characteristic of the french core.

The video clip of Illusions It is now available on YouTube and from tomorrow on all platforms. .