CloudNone remixes "Deep End" by William Black

CloudNone has the chance to remix DJ / producer William Black's latest release called "Deep End".

In early February 2021, the dj and producer William Black crossed borders in production by transmitting light with Deep End. A song that heals the soul and emotions when anxiety and depression hit you so hard. William had the opportunity to present it before thousands of attendees as spectators from home, during the Park 'N Rave de MitiS. A spectacular way to finish the Set and that later, the song had a very good reception.

One of the producers that is becoming more and more echoed in the scene is CloudNone. Working in the shadows and see how little by little your effort is rewarded. Debuting in OH2 Records and having the opportunity to remix You'll Be Ok by Gareth Emery. Now you have the pleasure of remixing the production Deep End de William Black.

Taking into account that the framework of the original song was focused on situations in which support and patience are needed, the turn that has been made maintains the line. It has not been exceeded at all and the song continues to heal the soul. One of the details that most impacts the remix is ​​the introduction of the piano, because in the original William dispenses with it. Sound design characterized by CloudNone it is becoming more and more recognized and shows it very well. In certain parts of the track, it maintains the melody without forgetting new elements included, offering more freshness. We have seen him combine various genres over the last few months, immersing himself in Trance, Downtempo and as he puts it, Future Garage. Particularly here he shows another side of himself and does not disappoint at all.

There are times when remixing a song may not get the result or the recognition you expect from it. But it must be said that, although they are different concepts, the vision that CloudNone has exercised on Deep End, it is a marvel. An incredible work done by William Black in the original production, as per CloudNone on the remix. Enjoy both on all platforms.

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