William Black releases «Remedy» with Annie Schindel

William Black releases a new song called "Remedy" with singer-songwriter Annie Schindel, following the announcement of his second album.

It is undoubtedly one of the best news that can be given to listeners of melodic electronic music; William Black is going to release his second album. The DJ and producer released his debut album Pages in 2019, composed of ten productions together with RUN, Micah Martin, Monika Santucci and many more. Since its launch, William has continued to leave a mark on the heart of each listener, just as he leaves his heart producing each song.

Establishing himself as one of the best producers of melodic bass music, he continues his path providing music to heal deep wounds. The sound design that the producer owns is healing for many people who suffer from nerves, anxiety, stress, or even depression. It is one of the great facets that make he stand out from the rest. Throughout 2020, apart from releasing the remixes to his album Pages, has been the protagonist in numerous transcendental releases. As for example, collaborating together SLANDER en back to u or remixing potions, and together with Amidy releasing Closer than you. Also having a presence in live broadcasts of Insomniac Events.

The past year has been a hard blow for everyone, especially emotionally; William Black he spent it all writing music and with his dog. With the arrival of this new year, although we continue to suffer the consequences of the COVID-19 around the world; the producer had the opportunity to attend a Park 'N Rave thanks to his friend MitiS. During his performance he showed a song that touched the soul of all those attending the event, as spectators. This song in particular was released last February under the name of Deep End. Post launch, William Black solved the doubts regarding the last months and makes it official; his second studio album is on the way.

After the incredible remix released by the talented and unknown producer CloudNone to Deep End, the second song of William Black, Remedy.

William Black, Annie Schindel, Remedy

In the first production he worked with singer-songwriter Megan Redmon and, on this occasion, he cooperates with Annie Schindel. A young 21-year-old singer-songwriter with a whole future ahead of her and being with William Black, will boost her career from now on. They work on creating Remedy, which is focused on finally getting out of sadness and depression. At the moment that all the weight you have is lifted, as if the world was on top of you and, once outside, happiness returns. This production has been created with the motivation that it is a song that you include in your favorite moments, as well as share it with your favorite people.

Everything that can be personified in a song and what the music is capable of making you feel, as well as those who compose it. You just have to compare the Artworks of the songs, to feel what it tries to say to the listeners. Deep End It was about when depression takes hold of you to the point of drowning, simulating it in a boat around with no land in sight; making it clear that although the situation is so dark, you are not alone. Likewise, the concept of Remedy it comes into focus when you lift off this heavy weight and come out into the open.

Different songs but with great care and detail in each of them, it relate to each other. The second album of William Blacknot only is it going to break us but also to fix us. Enjoy on all platforms Remedy with Annie Schindel, on all platforms.

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