Festivals that will debut or return this 2020

Every year electronic music festivals increase in quantity. Some go ahead after a great edition, others return after not holding the previous edition and others debut for the first time this 2020.

2020 has just started and our list of events grows As the days go by After preparing a list of 10 events to follow in 2020 in Asia and in Europe, we bring you a small guide on various events that either were not held in 2019 or this 2020 will be its first edition.

Some of these events, maybe do not be held again for a few years. Others they return after years in the shadows. They are even made for satisfy some needs that the public was asking for a while. These are the festivals that debut or return this 2020.

June 5 - 7.

Insomniac Events, one of the most famous promoters in the world led by Pasquale Rotella, bought 50% of ALDA Events days before the Amsterdam Music Festival is held in 2018. From unity we make strength, and the AMF came out strongly reinforced in this union with a poster full of numbers 1 and with a spectacular change in the set-up of the event. After serving a year together and after the resignation of New Horizons for this 2020, SAGA Festival It was born as the firm of both promoters. Very affordable prices (the first batch cost only 21 euros) and a poster composed of +150 artists in 5 stages, makes it the most profitable festival to attend this year. Marshmello, Tiesto o Don Diablo are the first confirmations.

13 of June.

Ultra Music Festival land by first time in the peninsula with Marenostrum Fuengirola under two terms: Ultra Beach y Resistance. Malaga, or rather Fuengirola, will be in charge of hosting one of the biggest events in the world. Until now, there is no confirmation. Yes, the venue where it will take place. The sohail castle It will host the debut of Ultra, a place where different cultural events take place and which is located on a hill 38 meters above sea level. Is a event to consider this year in the country.

July 17-20.

The first festival Unique From Hardstyle And International Hardcore in Spain. After "hacking" the social networks of Jellyfish festival, a new event was born in Spain to the joy of the hard music lovers. Was born Octopus Festival. It will take place during the days July 17, 18, 19 and 20 in the Vergel Safari Park, located in Denia. The first confirmations already have been revealed and they will continue to be announced for the next few days. Ready to live a unique experience in Spain?

March 28 - April 3.

2019 was the year that electronic music and ski / snow merged. The boom of festivals in the snow. This 2020 these types of events continue to progress and anjunabeats didn't want to be left behind. Anjunabeats Elevations Announced, Where the trance music and the snow will take place in Doors of the Sun For 5 days. It will take place from 28 from March to 3 from April at the ski resort Avoriaz. In the poster we can find Arty with his alias ALPHA 9, Cosmic Gate, Dirty South, Seven Lions o blastoyz, these last 2 by the host Ophelia Records.

August 11 - 13.

Spinnin 'Sessions, the weekly radio show and label event concept Spinnin Records he announces his own festival. Located Zrce Beach, One greatest paradises in the world, it will take place in the clubs Aquarius y Papaya during the days August 11, 12 and 13. To know a little more about the place, you can find out about hideout festival, since it is done in the same place. One of the festivals marked in red on the calendar, knowing what Spinnin 'can pull off.

August 24 - 28.

Again, Zrce Beach Appears as venue of a new festival. This is vacation, a festival related to the genre hard born of the union between Q-Dance and Art of Dance. So far, the only information available is the date and venue. It will take place during the days August 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 and will have from activities on the beach to pool parties, boat parties y events in clubs. In the absence of a line up, it will be a new experience of living hard music, which is expanding every day.

August 1.

returns desert giant. How many years have we been wondering among our group of friends or acquaintances if «Monegros will return sometime«? The time has come and it is time to enjoy it. On August 1 the wish will have come true and we will relive an event that never had to go away. PauKalkbrenner, Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin y Natos & Waor were the first confirmationsFollowed by Chase and Status as a Christmas present. Much of the poster remains pending, but perhaps it is not as important as other years, since the main thing is the fact of re-living a rave in the desert.

8 of February.

Q-Dance Celebrate his birthday once every 10 years y Dediqated it will be the corroborating event. A spectacular poster, a venue at the height and the greatest reason of all: will not be held again until 2030. gelredome, a multipurpose stadium located in Arnhem, will be in charge of hosting this event on the day February 8. If you are a lover of hard music, you should not miss it. Not only is it an event to take into account, but possibly it will be one of the biggest events this 2020.

July 4th.

One of the most anticipated news. Sensation, One longer-lived events with origin in Amsterdam, go back to your city of birth. Who didn't grow up seeing Tiësto videos at that round table with Elements of life playing in the background? How many of us would do our best to experience something like this. Hopefully, it recovers the essence that it had for years. We dust off our Ibizan clothing, and let's live again what the Sensation was.

Hopefully, this small list has served you well and you are going to experience one of these events this 2020. Maybe you will find us in one of them!

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