10 sets made in surprising locations during confinement

The desire to innovate has led many DJs to unusual areas (natural or urban) in a livestream. We show you 10 sets in surprising locations.

The lack of festivals during confinement has meant that during all this time, many DJs have been in front of the cameras to perform various livestreams and mitigate that need to listen to live music. This was a barrage of livestreams from the homes or studios of many DJs. Staging is always important, so it was necessary to stand out and many have achieved it. We show you 10 sets in some of the most amazing locations.

Don Diablo | 29/03/2020 | Amsterdam, netherlands

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing sets we have seen. In a new series of chapters called "The Art Of DJ'ing", Don Diablo He wanted to show us the variety of his musical tastes and it seems that he also came from home. In the second episode, he pricked soak from inside the indoor pool of your house, with the risk of having all the equipment and cables a few centimeters from the water. To surprise even more, Don Diablo gave us a set of almost an hour of Drum & Bass, something unusual for him.

Kaskade | 14/05/2020 | Grand Canyon Skywalk, United States

In collaboration with Coca-Cola, Kaskade he became the first DJ to perform at the Grand Canyon. From the walkway of the viewpoint, with transparent ground, the American offered us a great set of just over 2 hours at the same time that we could enjoy the imposing views in one of the most spectacular natural landscapes on the planet.

David Guetta | 30/05/2020 | Top of The Rock, New York

The French DJ and producer carried out the initiative united at home to raise funds to combat the effects of COVID-19. First it was in Miami between skyscrapers, in April. But a month later he wanted to raise the bar. For this he went to Manhattan's Top of The Rock lookout, with the spectacular skyline of the city in the background.

Charlotte de Witte | 11/06/2020 | Gravensteen Castle, Belgium

The medieval Castle of the Counts of Ghent was the stage chosen by the DJ and techno producer to broadcast a set of just over an hour in a collaboration between Beatport and KNTXT, your own label.

Oliver Heldens | 12/06/2020 | The Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

According to DJ Mag, the current number 7 in the world put on a tailcoat to conduct his own orchestra at the Royal Concertgebouw, considered one of the 3 best concert halls in the world thanks to its excellent acoustics. A set that in normal conditions would never have been heard in such a majestic place.

Chet Porter | 12/06/2020 | Underwater Set, Digital Mirage Online Music Festival

In response to this tweet, Chet Porter wanted to take a DJ booth where no one had ever taken it before: underwater. Equipped with snorkel goggles and a blackboard on which he wrote messages to the camera, he submerged himself in a pool for 30 minutes, with all the equipment perfectly protected from the water.

DJ SODA | 14/06/2020 | Jeju, South Korea

The South Korean DJ participated in the livestream for our 2nd anniversary and he surprised us performing on a boat sailing alongside jeju island from his native country. Little more than an hour, with a great variety of styles, that once flew by and that, taking advantage of this article, we recommend you see and listen. If you want to know more about DJ SODA, here you have the interview that we did recently.

Nora En Pure | 20/06/2020 | Gstaad, Switzerland

To mark the episode 200 of his Purified Radio, Nora En Pure gave us this spectacular set of 2 hours in front of the Geltenbachfall waterfall, in Switzerland. A set in which he combined the best of the other 199 episodes of his radio show along with new music that he has recently released. It is worth not only hearing it, but also seeing it. The images of the area from a drone view are spectacular.

Dr. Peacock | Pyramid of Austerlitz, The Netherlands

On the occasion of streaming Defqon.1 at Home, Dr. Peacock I carry a hardstyle concert at the Austerlitz Pyramid, built in 1804. Violinist, pianist, guitarist and vocalist, nothing was lacking in this spectacular staging.

Mr. Belt & Wezol | 05/08/2020 | Netherlands

Mr. Belt & Wezol they are among the most innovative. They have made sets of all kinds during confinement: on a tram, on an alpaca farm, in a ball pit or in a bowling alley (while even playing a game). But the most striking and spectacular is this: flying over dutch fields in a hot air balloon. Idea that has also been carried out recently in the Mysteryland streaming.

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