A-RIZE conquers Art of Creation with "Faith of the Saint"

A-RIZE makes his debut on Art of Creation: Eternity with the release of "Faith of the Saint", endorsed by Headhunterz himself.

Second release on Art of Creation: Eternity. After receiving positive reviews from both A-RIZE and Art of Creation social networks, it follows the same path as the first: a great success. Last of Us opened the door to eternity with High with Maryll which is currently in the position 2 of hardstyle.com. A fun and playful track, which prevents you from getting out of the melody until it ends. After High, it's the turn of A-RIZE and his spectacular Faith of the Saint. Headhunterz assured days before in a talk with Last of Us that without having been officially released, already it was becoming a hit in the hardstyle scene. Total success of the CEO of the label, since this public support for his new members will make them grow morally.

Before talking about the track, let's talk about the history of his inclusion on Art of Creation. When Aftershock & Sephyx added the label, the rumor ran about who would enter. The doubt was between Sephyx or A-RIZE, since the photos published on their networks matched perfectly. "We took the photos in the same studio" both said in their networks. With the entry of Sephyx on Art of Creation, the rumors disappeared. A-RIZE was waiting for a new announcement that nobody expected: be part of the new sublabel Art of Creation: Eternity. He promised himself to one day wear the best-known hardstyle jacket and he finally succeeded.


Regarding Faith of the Saint, it also has a story to tell. Impressed by Project One's first album, he found that creating music was his passion and he began a new phase in his life. He honed his skills, inspired by the great artists of the hardstyle scene and finally, the opportunity came 4 months ago, sending Faith of the Saint demo to Headhunterz. What was a demo, became, as of July 27, an official release of Art of Creation through its sublabel. What would Headhunterz think of this release to play on both Defqon.1 at Home and Tomorrowland Around the World! Like High, we thought it would be a Headhunterz release at Defqon.XNUMX at Home.

That forcefulness and that hierarchy in the melodies, added to that pure hardstyle sound. As A-RIZE commented, he doesn't seek to create euphoric or rawstyle, but rather a hardstyle like the one we all remember. Faith of the Saint is a giant step forward and the launch of his career as one of the most promising artists on the scene. We can't wait to see him perform live! If you want to be one of the first to hear Faith of the Saint, is currently available in Spotify and coming soon to the Art of Creation channel. Don't miss it!

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