A-RIZE presents his second release "Overcome The Dark"

Following the success of "Faith Of The Saint", A-RIZE presents his second release on Art of Creation called "Overcome The Dark".

A-RIZE is back in Eternity to present his second release on the sublabel of Art of Creation. After the release of Supernova, last release on the label by Last of Us, A-RIZE returns with Overcome The Dark. His first release was a complete success. In each of the festivals we have attended, Faith Of The Saint has been part of at least one tracklist. Headhunterz at Medusa Beach Club, Last of Us at Headhunterz At The Beach or Wildstylez at Electric Love Festival. Resounding success, highlighting the words of Headhunterz pre-release considering it a hit in the current scene.


Following his philosophy, it's neither euphoric nor raw oriented. Is forging his own sound, like many top-level artists. Hardstyle as we remembered it, said A-RIZEhimself. Along with the voice of hicksu, come back with a track extremely melodic. Delight for the ears. This time, there was no preview at any previous festivalWe were even surprised that he was the one who release. Along with Last of Us and JGSW, the future belongs to them and every day that passes they show it.

Overcome The Dark is already available both on Spotify as in the channel Art of Creation. Be attentive to its social networks, as if A-RIZE and Last of Us have already repeated release... soon it will be the turn of JGSW. We will be here to tell you!

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