Adiidas freezes WAKAAN with "Ice Cold" EP

Adiidas is in charge of closing the first month of 2021 on WAKAAN with the release of "Ice Cold" EP consisting of seven songs.

- Liquid Stranger the year starts in good shape and we are only in the first month of 2021. They have reached WAKAAN three releases so far this year, with Ketamine, FTSU y exoplanet EP. Each of the releases are better than the previous ones and end January frozen before the arrival of a new EP.

The artist in charge of closing the first month of the year is Goodbye, presenting «Ice cold» EP composed of a total of seven songs, hybrid, melodic y psychedelic. As if the aliens came to the planet Earth to spend the holidays in the snow, that's how frozen it has been WAKAAN receiving this treatment.

The first production is the title of the EP, where the artist is able to deal with various concepts and sounds. Perfectly fits a combination between the Downtempo y mid-tempo, by way of chill mode. In the second part of «Ice cold»Also leaves a little hole for melodic sounds with light chords, fitting all of these together perfectly before the build-up, focusing the song more on the Downtempo, this time.

Second we have «Flying saucers«, As if multiple bubbles were bursting and all of them transmitted psychedelic sounds. Goodbye he adds curious lyrics, as if the aliens had already landed on the planet and people asked him where they came from. Get good influences from psychophonies here, making you feel like you are in contact with them. In "Do it like this" works with ashez in a more hybrid production, following the line of the previous songs, but with a more attractive point.

Going deeper, the artist drowns us in «Encounters«, Entering under the ice cold with a very question conspirator. As if you were listening to multiple sounds submerged within it and when you breathe starting a melody, submerge yourself again with another question, linked to psychedelic sounds. In the fifth production he works with Brio in «Floss it up«, Treating the vowel and in the foreground, influenced by Hybrid Trap.

Different concepts encompasses the producer throughout the EP and in "Gravy»Demonstrates it, changing the style. Making this song something more chill mode and special than the previous ones, but without ceasing to follow the line marked by Downtempo. Coming to the end of the aliens' holidays in the snow, it brings «Pop that«. It is possibly the darkest and most abstract production, mainly due to the introduction, while combining all the elements of the previous ones in one.

One of the best jobs ever WAKAAN so far this year and the manager has been Goodbye. You can hear "Ice cold» EP , on all digital music platforms.

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