Adventure Club & Kaivon release "You'll Never Be Alone" from "Love // ​​Chaos" Album

Adventure Club take their long-awaited "Love // ​​Chaos" album one step further with the release of "You'll Never Be Alone" with Kaivon.

It is possibly one of the most anticipated albums of recent months and it seems that the day is not coming. The duo formed by Christian Srigley & James Leighton, known professionally as Adventure Club, take another step to the launch of their long-awaited sophomore album. In 2016, they released their debut album titled Red // Blue composed of twelve songs.

It all started when in Digital Mirage The alarms went off during the DJ Set, informing that a new album would arrive. The launch of this has been with difficulties and finally did not arrive when the producers had planned. After several months of waiting and uncertainty, since with the arrival of the new year 2021, nothing was still known about the album, they gave the surprise. Through the official Instagram account of Adventure Club, not only did they put the tracklist, but they also said the title, this being Love // ​​Chaos. It was absolute madness, because the album will meet the expectations generated, having a total of twenty songs.

So far, some productions have been released that make up Love // ​​Chaos, between them Anywhere o Rebellious, it will even be included already know with Said The Sky & Caly Bevier. With holding Ubbi Dubbi Festival, where they also acted Adventure ClubIt was going to be a recital of all these songs that will make up the album. Indeed, it was like that, and one of the songs they played is finally going to see the light of day.

Adventure Club, Kaivon, You'll Never Be Alone, Love // ​​Chaos

One of the collaborations will have Love // ​​Chaos album will be between Adventure Club & Kaivon. The production called You'll Never Be Alone. The audience response was all one needed after months of not playing live and enjoying a festival. The duo Adventure Club were in charge of closing the Stage on the first day and they went up to Kaivon to play it together.

The track has a force to give hope when you need the most from your close circle. The internal struggle of each person is reflected in the song providing light when everything is dark, emphasizing that you will never be alone. Waiting for Love // ​​Chaos It will be worth it and we already have a new song from the imminent album of Adventure Club. Now available on all platforms You'll Never Be Alone with Kaivon, via Ultra Records.

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