Adventure Club, Nurko & Dayseeker release "Color Blind" for Love // ​​Chaos

Adventure Club & Nurko launch their collaboration with Dayseeker called "Color Blind" for their album Love // ​​Chaos via Ultra Records.

One of the most anticipated productions of the second album by the producers formed by Adventure Club, has arrived. After the launching of one of the most anticipated projects through Ultra Records, the dream collaboration is released.

The second full-length album by Adventure Club, is one of the most desired for a long time. Collaborations with Soar & Luma for the release of Safe With Me and also You'll Never Be Alone, with Kaivon.

After so many months of waiting, there is no doubt that Love // ​​Chaos, the second album of Adventure Club, is closer than ever. To relieve fans of this long wait, they release one of the most desired collaborations: Blind Color.

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In collaboration with nurko & dayseeker, the producers launch arguably one of the best productions of Love // ​​Chaos. Parallel to the fated soulmates in production Safe With Me, the story of Blind Colorare blinded by love and unable to recognize the warning signs. While euphoric soundscapes wake up to silent applause, Rory Rodríguez of dayseeker, serenades with an incendiary passion.

For producers Adventure Club, is one of their dream collaborations to date. They love everything nurko has released, pushing the limits of melodic sounds. What's more, dayseeker is one of their favorite bands, and they are honored that Rory Rodriguez contribute with his amazing voice.

The dj and producer nurko, share that he is very excited about Blind Color. For him, Adventure Club are legends of the scene and a great inspiration, so working with them has been a dream. Rory's voice from dayseeker is absolutely amazing so he wanted to make sure it was used as a leader in the drops.

Rory Rodríguez from dayseeker make sure that Blind Color, it's about an old love you were once attached to. He wrote about how you can see the red flags, and just completely ignoring them when you see all these other things to love a person.

Like the producer shared nurko, Blind Color It's about a person you love, and while things can get bad and you see red flags, you are blind to them and continue to focus on the good, waiting for the negativity to eventually improve.

A new hit for the full-length album Love // ​​Chaos that will see the light very soon through Ultra Records. Enjoy on all platforms Color Blind by Adventure Club, Nurko & Dayseeker.

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