Adventure Club, Soar & Luma release "Safe With Me" for Love // ​​Chaos

Adventure Club release a new production for Love // ​​Chaos album with Soar & Luma under the name "Safe With Me".

The Canadian duo of Christian Srigley & James Leighton, professionally known as Adventure Club, have one of the most anticipated projects in their hands. Producer fans crave the sophomore album titled Love // ​​Chaos , of which we already know the entire tracklist of the project. However, it still seems that there is a long time to see it in full.

Recently, in addition to being present at a multitude of live events such as Ubbi Dubbi Festival & Sunset Music Festival, have released a new production. This was the collaboration called You'll Never Be Alone, together with the producer Kaivon. With a wide range of productions pending and to be enjoyed, they are back to release a new one, before the collaboration with nurko.

Adventure Club, Soar, Luma, Safe With Me

They are pleased to present a new production of Love // ​​Chaos, in collaboration with Soar & Luma. Needless to say, when a production features the vocal performance of Luma, It is an irrefutable success and therefore, a success. If to the above, you add the quality of melodic sound design that they have Adventure Club, plus the talent of Soar, this song called Safe With Me.

Last year they premiered it in a live broadcast by the producers through Insomniac Events. Follow the patterns and powerful melodic drops, paired with heartbreaking lyric with a love story full of memories. It takes them very little to capture the desired soundscapes, captivating the listener and transporting them to those thoughts.

It is one of the most acclaimed melodic projects in recent months and it will be one of the best, of course. While we wait for the full album Love // ​​Chaos, enjoy on all platforms Safe With Me by Adventure Club, Soar & Luma.

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