Afterlife Madrid hangs the SOLD OUT sign

Afterlife hangs the banner of SOLD OUT presented by Brunch Electronik and Zamna for his debut in Madrid.

Afterlife will land next night Saturday March 04 in the IFEMA Fairground from Madrid where you will live an immersive experience presented by Tale Of Us the leaders of melodic techno that will be accompanied by their impressive visuals. Electronik Brunch promoter in charge of holding events in our country as Brunch in the Park ventures into a new episode. This time they are associated with Zamna, a promoter from Mexico who is succeeding at the beginning of the year in Tulum with her well-known events.

A night of transcendental live performances, groundbreaking mind-altering visual effects await you through immersive installations, bespoke lighting, and state-of-the-art sound design and engineering built around cutting-edge technologies. A truly immersive sensory experience that will elevate the mindset of attendees.

They closed the year with an impressive show in printworks in which anyma Dark They offered their performances separately in addition to their usual duo. They started this 2023 in Afterlife Zamna exposing again that they are second to none as far as visual show is concerned. The line up is yet to be announced, but what will they surprise us with in Madrid?

The event has hung the poster of SOLD OUT but you can try to get even entry into the official sale page. Some tickets may be available after returns.