Never Say Die Black Label brings us Black Ops XL3 by Akeos

Never Say Die Black brings us Black Ops XL3, the new compilation of the darkest Riddim, this time in the hands of Akeos.

The end of the year is approaching and one of the most important labels in dubstep »Never Say Die»He didn't want to say goodbye without first releasing a new compilation, Black Ops XL3. The previous work Black Ops XL2, was in the hands of Aweminus and unsurprisingly, we were again surprised by riddim fans. Including topics like Se7en o snappyfangles, which were one of the most prominent issues of their time. In this Black Ops XL3 the manager will be Akeos, one of the revolutionary artists of this 2020 in the riddim industry. In addition to that we were already warning about it in the article of 7 young dubstep artists to watch in 2020.

After the release we can only talk about good things in this great work of Never Say Die. Black Ops XL3 It is made up of a total of 10 tracks with the artists who are hitting the strongest on this record company.

To start, let's talk about the protagonist Akeos, which has released tracks like »Voltage Disc" beside lol, »Starbow break" Y "Radius Wave 3-46». These first two songs that we have mentioned we can see a more aggressive riddim and the second a more experimental bass. As we already saw him in Subsidia label with his track Monrovia. On the other hand we have Veer with dysfunction y knoir with emuu. Where they show us that great talent that both have and that riddim so typical of them that the public likes so much. Then we have the aforementioned Aweminus with intagalactic y neonix with space walk. In them we see a riddim not so hard but with that melody that we cannot get out of our heads as well as transmitting a lot of energy.

On the other hand, we have BLVNKSPVCE with computer milk, subject that we have to admire for that riddim in which it includes several futuristic sounds. We also do not forget dubstep in this compilation, this time it is the protagonist is guillotine with Apex. Finally we have syzy with Yakisoba, riddim song in which we can say that it is more aggressive of all those mentioned.