Alignment Releases "Orderly Chaos" EP On Voxnox

Alignment presents the first release of the year with "Orderly Chaos" EP from German underground music label Voxnox.

The dj Italian taste de 28 years and with residence in Berlin Alignment has released the first ep This year, as he mentioned months ago on his social networks, he still has a lot of music to present on different labels. In this case it has been by voxnox, seal that aims to represent a alternative view of the music.

Due to the situation we are experiencing worldwide, it has been impossible to see all his talent live but there are several live or recorded sessions that he has done during this time, many have been through KNT XT, label of Charlotte de Witte o HOR Berlin.

As for the ep VRN043 by name Orderly chaos It is composed of four songs: Orderly chaos, Into the unknown, Future dancefloor y Dark space.

Orderly chaos

Song that gives name to the ep. It consists of a well balanced track pursued by a battery, constant hype, a reference in the songs of Alignment in order of hit your body.

Into the unknown

Through the detailed location of the synthesizers evolves in a constant mix throughout the song incorporating a battery to accompany it. It also has some energizing break lines to catch us while we listen to them.

Future dancefloor

It's about the most song Quick of all ep. A forward moving rhythm that infiltrates with vocal strokes.

Dark space

As its name indicates, it is an atmosphere with a dark sound combined with modulated patterns. It is one more step in terms of production, with harmonic elements that they drive the imagination of the listener.