Alignment releases their EP "Power" via K NT XT

Italian dj Alignment presents his third release called Power EP on the label of Belgian dj Charlotte de Witte.

«Power»EP is the second EP of Alignment en 2021, whose announcement was made on 14 de June. The first was under the name Orderly chaos, but in this case through the German underground music label voxnox. Nowadays Alignment It's the new school Italian techno sensation.

Previously, on two occasions he has made releases on the label of Charlotte de Witte called KNT XT, in April 2020 «Time»EP and in November of that same year Nothingness EP , which had a great impact. The sound that represents him stands out for encompassing old-school bangers to trance rollers through futuristic brushstrokes.

Charlotte de Witte commented before the release that the music of Alignment has been present at all of their 2020 and 2021 live streams and can't wait to bring their music and latest creations to the dance floor. He defines it as being made to make you move and shows his joy at having him on board again.

As for the EP KNTXT011, is composed of four songs: Power, disconnection, Frequency and Radioactivity. All of them are among the 140 and 145 BPM´s, therefore, we are before some songs with a high rhythm.

Starting with Power, is a track with a connection between hard drums, punchy basses, and synths. disconnection It has laser-effect synths that blast across the track along with touches of trance. Frequency it is another track under the influence of the trance that takes the energy of the moment to a distorted battery. By last Radioactivity featuring a mix of worn metal textures, crashed drums, and synth lines.