Alison Wonderland creates "Summersalts" for Tetris Beat

Alison Wonderland surprises all her fans by creating a production called "Summersalts" for the game Tetris Beat.

One of the most recognized artists in the industry, she continues to expand horizons, adding a great production, to her repertoire. Electronic music dj and composer better known as Alison Wonderland, fulfill a dream creating music for one of the most popular games in the world, Tetris.

You may not know the Russian folk song Korobeiniki by name, but if you've played almost any version of Tetris since 1989. You can probably hum it while you sleep: the game and the song are inseparable. Tetris Beat is expanding that beautiful bond. Available in Apple Arcade, this new take on timeless awesomeness adds all kinds of rhythm to your shape-shifting emotions.

Alison Wonderland, Summersalts, Tetris Beat

The talent that have Alison Wonderland It has no limits, and that they have chosen her to make music to one of her favorite games, it is indescribable. The production called summersalts, created by Alison Wonderland, comes to a new version called Tetris Beat. She could not be more excited to have achieved this and also clarified that the vowels were recorded with her iPhone, pointing out that you can do anything.

She recently closed the 30th anniversary of Lollapalooza, as her first festival back to United States. A way to return to the festival season in style, without a doubt. After reawakening the alias Whyte Fang, all that we expect from her when it comes to music, it can be a great step in her professional career. On the last anniversary of her debut album Run, clarified that she was working on a new full-length album, creating an immense expectation.

The game developers have mentioned that they will have music on a monthly basis. In addition, apart from Alison Wonderland, they have had artists like Octo Octa, Dauwd, GARZA, CINTHIE and many more. For more information, you can access Tetris.

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