Amidy & Outwild's "Satellite" receives 3 remixes

Producers Amidy & Outwild's song "Satellite" receives three remixes by OBLVYN, N3WPORT & Sam Day on Sleeping Sun Collective.

Last September, a great collaboration came to the record label of outwild. A much-needed collaboration was released by the founding artist of Sleeping Sun Collective, and one of the most beloved and talented, amidy. Together they teamed up for the release of the production called Satellite, and now they get a remix pack.

The artists responsible for delivering these three new twists are N3WPORT , OBLVYN & Sam Day. Leading the group, the Edmonton-based electronic music producer OBLVYN, produces an irresistible twist, combining her signature synth solos and hard-hitting production with the vocals of amidy. She is really excited that she had the opportunity to release this remix. Hearing the voice immediately brought a brightly colored palate to mind. So she just followed it and ended up opting for a lighter, more playful vibe while trying to maintain the strong emotional energy that the voice of amidy.

The second remix of the pack is from N3WPORT , which turns the track into a hit, adding punk rock style guitars and featuring a laid-back drop perfect for an overnight trip. He loved the song from the moment he first heard it. Amidy and Outwild are good friends of him, and it was an honor to be able to put his own pop-punk inspired twist on this track.

To complete it, Sam Day has his first release with the record label of San holo bitbird the week after this remix. Speed ​​up the tempo for a vibrant, throbbing flavor. When he was creating the remix, he had been listening a lot to ODESZA and Hayden James, and wanted to be inspired by their music and intertwine it with his own style and sounds. The voices in Satellite they were so good that I couldn't stop cutting them. He also chose to mix in the usual pop structure and bring in lead vocals after release to create a completely different vibe to the original.

Three new gems for the record label of Outwild Sleeping Sun Collective. Listen to remixes on all platforms now Satellite by OBLVYN, N3WPORT & Sam Day.

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