Amidy & Outwild release "Satellite" on Sleeping Sun Collective

Amidy & Outwild collaborate to release their production "Satellite" through the Sleeping Sun Collective record label.

A new big release has landed on the record label of the producer better known as outwild. Slowly Sleeping Sun Collective continues to grow and one of the releases that will continue to promote it is amidy and the founder outwild.

During the year, the singer-songwriter and producer amidy has had numerous appearances, consolidating him as one of the artists to be reckoned with. He has debuted on the record label of SLANDER Heaven Sent Records with songs like Where My Heart Goes with KARRA for his Sanctuary EP. In addition to having a presence in one of the best launches of the year in Ophelia Records with Seven Lions & Wooly with the song Shadows.

On the other hand, the founder of Sleeping Sun Collective outwild is also proving to be in top shape. He has been making stellar appearances in productions such as One Night with the singer-songwriter KC, and Honeydew. Without forgetting that he remixed Our Language from debut album To The Endless Searing Skies by Xavi through the record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records.

Sleeping Sun Collective, Amidy, Outwild, Satellite

With a great journey in recent months by both producers, they join forces to create Satellite. They are both excited for it to finally break free and amidy share that it was great to work with outwild, and they put all their effort to Satellite.

The production styles of both have complemented each other perfectly and that amidy sing, in addition to producing, helped them convey the story they want to tell with Satellite. The song is very visual, and has so many ambient textures, that it is very easy to visualize the stage, feeling like a place. Amidy's crisp voice really helps the listener guide you through the sonic atmosphere and provides a cryptic narrative to the composition.

They were both able to inject a unique version of melodic bass music and feel like they complement each other in a super organic way. Satellite. Listen to the collaboration between Amidy & Outwild through Sleeping Sun Collective.

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