Amidy puts all his heart into "Sanctuary" EP on Heaven Sent

Amidy releases his long-awaited extended play called "Sactuary" consisting of a total of three productions through Heaven Sent Records.

One of the most anticipated projects arrives at the record label of SLANDER by one of the great composers at this moment. Two major projects have recently been released in Heaven Sent Records, with the extended plays of N3WPORT Best Part Of Me and in addition fknsyd moon tower. Now is the time to launch the third.

One of the great people who trusted the producer and songwriter known professionally as amidy was the singer-songwriter HALIENE. Years ago, the artist introduced him to her company and it has helped him tremendously to grow as an artist. Now more than satisfied with his results, she is really proud to see how this project sees the light of day. After the first launch called Where My Heart Goes it's time for the full extended play to be released.


He presents his first extended play of his professional career called Sanctuary composed of a total of three productions through Heaven Sent Records. The first production of all is the Where My Heart Goes, which was also the first he released together with karra. Also in this song HALIENE also had a presence and co-wrote it together with the two of them.

The second and main production of the EP called Sanctuary works together with wake up unfolding a sea of ​​melodic drops that fall like a waterfall. The vocal interpretation is sent from above reaching any border and reaching any soul. The third and last song is The worst of you in which through inspiring and epic harmonies he once again contemplates a stellar composition.

The great work of amidy It is being more than recognized and you only have to see this first EP of the composer and his previous productions. Listen now on all platforms Sanctuary EP through Heaven Sent Records.

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