Amnesia dressed up to kick off the season with Pyramid

We attended the reopening of Amnesia for its 2022 Warm Up in which Pyramid shone again in the club that saw him born.

Pyramid was presented as Amnesia Warm Up of this new season with a dizzying line up. first thing in the morning Caal, Seb Zito y East End Dubs presented Do Not Sleep in the open air room 3RD Dimension. The room filled up as time went by and you could already guess what was coming during the night; Unbeatable atmosphere for the return of the club. We then enjoy LucianoPaul Woolford b2b Richy AhmedMarco Faraone syreeta in the terrace room and in turn in the main room of Amelie LensBen KlockAirod y Luca Doncelli as a more underground style.

We entered the club and we already saw a queue that reached from the entrance to the parking lot. This led to imagine the omens of the people of the great night that was coming. Luca Doncelli I was at the dishes in the already packed Main Room. It seems like a cliché, but every time we enter, we say: How does this room sound?. It's a show. With stamp triangles Pyramid scattered around the dance floor Luca gave us a great set of clean and forceful techno.

Later, he took control Ben Klock or as the fans call it: «The Prophet of Techno«. He proposed us a session in the purest Berlin style for which a large part of the ravers were at Amnesia that night. His art to mix the most minimalist sounds with deep techno is within the reach of very few; he had us at his mercy for the entire set.

At the same time in the Terrace room Luciano He presented us with a set loaded with the best techno house or «microhouse» as some call Luciano's style. We alternated as we didn't want to miss any of them and at least enjoy half of the set. He offered us a set in the purest style Vagabundos with avant-garde sounds that characterize him.

After the great set of Ben Klock One of the most anticipated moments for us arrived. it was turn of Amelie Lens, the Belgian who has established herself as one of the most influential DJs in techno. The energy that she transmits in the booth without stopping dancing while linking one theme after another was noted in the audience that packed the Main Room. Her session was truly crazy and the atmosphere in the room could not have been better, the audience delivered as if there were no tomorrow.

As a climax to the night we moved to the Terrace room to enjoy Marco Faraone. The Italian DJ would offer us on this occasion a set typical of the room in which we were, loaded with more danceable techno house themes than in other sets that we have attended. We were able to enjoy until dawn in this room, one of its charms, seeing the sun rise without being able to stop dancing.

In short, a great night as expected. Pyramid It will be marked as the start of the season event, without restrictions or fears past the time of the pandemic. The djs gave the most what made me create a spectacular atmosphere in which all the ravers surely think at some point in the night: "We have come home". A night to remember burning slippers until we can no longer refer to our motto: WELL DANCED!