An-Ten-Nae Debuts On WAKAAN With "Flip The Switch"

An-Ten-Nae makes his debut on WAKAAN, imposing his signature Bass with a new track called "Flip The Switch".

An-Ten-Nae has been waging war in the music industry for years, especially when it comes to Bass it means. Adam Ohana, the person behind the alias, is one of the pioneers and initiators of bass music on the west coast. Born in Oakland, a California city near San Francisco, he is a major asset within electronic music.

With more than 100 launches behind him, we can see that An-Ten-Nae It has a wide variety of different favorite styles and it can with everything that is proposed. In his musical history, he has certain themes and albums to highlight, among them: Raindrops On Roses in the 2013 year, Medicine in the year 2017 and a more current album as it is acid voodoo in the past 2020. We can also highlight a large number of remixes and solo songs, such as: Your Love Makes Me Higher, Guardian or a much older track as it can be feeling high. Also note, not least, the series of EP's that he launched many years ago under the name of Acid Crunk EP, with a total of 10 different editions.

An-Ten-Nae, Flip The Switch, WAKAAN

The time has come for An-Ten-Nae to be the captain of WAKAAN this third Friday in October. With Flip The Switch he's going to win over the Bass music crowd. A song that perfectly meets the standards set by Liquid Stranger to be part of your label. A few more paused rhythms of the usual, but with a vowel that emphasizes a true work of art of the basses. With some characteristic sounds of the artist but perfectly coupled to what is required to enter the ranks of WAKAAN, has managed to take production to the highest level.

You can now enjoy on all digital platforms of Flip The Switch, the song with which he debuted An-Ten-Nae within the famous Bass music label known worldwide as WAKAAN.