AREA21 have thousands of «Followers» on Earth for the debut album

AREA21, formed by Martin Garrix & Maejor, release the fifth production under the name "Followers" for the debut album.

The aliens M & M, better known as AREA21 and formed by Martin Garrix & Major, are just steps away from releasing the debut album. They announced the date of the debut album in Iheart Radio Music Festival to launch the 12 of November of 2021, with the recent song Followers.

During the stay of the favorite beings from another planet on Earth, they have begun to have more followers than ever. They have released songs like la la la, Pogo, Mona Lisa, Lovin’ Every Minute and now they are prepared for the fifth under the name of Followers.

Detailed in the music and pictures of AREA21, the alien characters M & M (Martin Garrix & Major) have been able to observe humans both from a distance and up close. With the song Followers they talk about the benefit of living life in real time instead of being mesmerized by their devices.

Enjoy now on all platforms the fifth production of the debut album of AREA21 called Followers, while we wait for November 12th for the entire project.

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