AREA21 release their debut album: Greatest Hits Vol. 1

AREA21, formed by Martin Garrix & Maejor, release their long-awaited album «Greatest Hits Vol. 1» consisting of twelve songs.

The long awaited moment since 2016 that all fans of Martin Garrix have been waiting, it comes true. When the Dutch producer premiered the songs of his project in parallel AREA21, together with Major, everyone wanted a long-term project. After five years since that day in Ultra Music Festival, the dream of thousands comes true with the release of Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

The first releases of the aliens, turned their project into one of the best sensations of the scene. However the long awaited return of M&M to planet Earth, it has been different from what we expected, but no less bad for that. The UFO was sighted last November 2020, when Martin Garrix announced in an interview that debut album It was going to arrive in 2021. With productions totally different from the first ones, but the long-awaited project reaches all platforms.

The first song of all, ushering in this new era was with la la la, landing AREA21 in their new home. With a total of twelve productions in Greatest Hits Vol. 1, other songs were released such as Pogo, Mona Lisa, Lovin’ Every Minute, Followers & Own The Night.

Martin garrix. Maejor, AREA21
1. 21
2.La La La
4.Not Angel
5. Lovin 'Every Minute
6.Mona Lisa
7.Own The Night
10. All I Need
11.Time Machine
12. Going Home

It was very important for them to have a full body of work because there is a lot of stylistic range on the album. Major, feel like if they had the pressure to compress it into something smaller it wouldn't have worked. It should also be noted that it is the first album released Martin Garrix, and he's overwhelmed by excitement, adrenaline and passion. This project means a lot to them, both musically and conceptually. He has had some of the best times of his life working on these songs.

With the release of the album, everyone wondered if the appearance of AREAXNUMX at a festival. Finally that wish also came true, when on the set of Martin Garrix at EDC Las Vegas CircuitGORUNDS, They acted as AREAXNUMX for a few minutes. One of the best moments Under The Electric Sky, to mark the duo's debut performance.

They still have a lot to say, and this is just the beginning of everything to come, by the aliens. M&M. Listen to the debut album on all digital platforms Greatest Hits Vol. 1 by AREA21.

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