Armin van Buuren announces exclusive performance in Romania

Armin van Buuren today announced a solo performance as a new musical experience under the name Sound Of Bucharest.

Due to the holding of a press conference in the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, theCEO of ALDA, Allan Hardenberg and the mayor of the city have announced a new music event. The date for its celebration will be 25 of September in the Square of Constitution from the capital of Romania. Armin van Buuren will be the first of many artists to follow in his footsteps in the years to come.

Sound of Bucharest It´s the second massive event that ALDAhas announced in Romania, the first of them is about the festival called SAGA. This will take place in September, the days 10, 11 y 12 in Izvor Park.

It has also been announced that the event Sound of Bucharest will take place every year, beginning with the first edition in September of 2021. The one in charge of bringing it to Romania is the global producer, developer and promoter of concepts ALDA.

The show of Armin van Buuren It will consist of two exclusive sets from two different stages. One of them will be made from the Parliament Palace with a picturesque setting and a great live projection of the show. The company Insomniac will be in charge of all production, specifically: lighting, pyrotechnics, sound and installations, among others.

The demand for the event is expected to be greater than ever, therefore, attendees can register for tickets through the page official website.