ARMNHMR, Adventure Club & HALIENE launch «Anywhere»

ARMNHMR, Adventure Club & HALIENE launch one of their most anticipated collaborations for months called «Anywhere».

The duo ARMNHMR contain a large amount of unreleased music yet to be revealed and one of them is with Adventure Club y HALIENE. The song has been playing since EDC Las Vegas Rave-A-Thon and in the residence of Insomniac Events With the program Infinite skies by the duo. With the name of "Anywhere«, Adventure Club also presented the song before thousands of spectators during the performance of the Park 'N Rave.

The alarms went off when, on January 18, ARMNHMR they announced that the first release of 2021 was going to be a highly anticipated song. Later, Adventure Club I retweeted and shared the ad on Instagram stories. Collaboration with HALIENE he was about to see the light and reach any part of the world.

The wait was really worth it and the artists have greatly appreciated the patience of the fans. Collaboration is a gem for lovers of melodic sounds and emotional concepts and losses, which make you connect with your inner self. The enriching voice of HALIENE makes the song a sound experience allowing you to reach all parts of the world through the melodies.

One of the songs most anticipated by fans and that is finally now available on all platforms. You can enjoy it whenever you want something new from Adventure Club, ARMNHMR & HALIENE called «Anywhere«.

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