Art of Creation launches Eternity, a new sub label

Art of Creation announces a new record label called "Eternity" with the opportunity to get closer to the main family.

The record label of Headhunterz announces a big step in this project with its co-founder Wildstylez. In recent months we have seen how new members have signed on the prestigious producers' label, these being Aftershock & Sephyx.

In order to continue wanting to bring together great talents from the scene, and with ideas that they hope to captivate the world, they go a step further. In these times, guidance and confidence are needed to pave the way for evolution. Therefore, expanding the search for quality and greatness in music, Art of Creation Launches a Whole New Record Label: Eternity.

The first artists signed on to this new record label are A-RIZE, JGSW & Last of Us. The founder Headhunterz premiered during Defqon.1 at Home three songs from the new producers mentioning during the Set that it was time for the new generation. Through a visionary approach, it will allow them to grow and refine their musical narrative.

Art of Creation: Eternity sets out to sculpt a distinctive and colorful path while upholding the values ​​on which it was built Art of Creation, reflecting a true sense of intimacy and artistic originality. Join Art of Creation: Eternity is an opportunity to get closer to the family Art of Creation.

Legends formed, in the past, the present and the future will endure in eternity. If we want to shape the future, we must make a difference now. One that will last in eternity - Art of Creation: Eternity.

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