A State Of Trance 2023 marks sold out again

On November 4, A State Of Trance 1000 to be held on March 3 - 4, 2023 in Utrecht, marked sold out again.

A State Of Trance 1000 has sold out in the past, but due to the date change, a very limited number of tickets went on sale at the end of October. Next year's edition is considered one of the most expected events of 2023 and it has proven to be one of the best-selling ASOT events in history.

The long-awaited weekend will be divided into 2 days. On Friday, March 3, the first day will be held by the hand of Armin van Buuren in which will review the 20 years of the ASOT brand, with a 5-hour audiovisual show. On Saturday, March 4, instead, a glimpse into the future will be shown and the brand revolution which will be divided into 5 different stages, having many surprises for its fans.

A State Of Trance

At the end of the year they will announce the line up for each day, which as expected will be impressive, full of great well-known artists of the brand and some other unexpected surprises and a mixture of new talents.

ALDA's festival promises to be the most revolutionary and spectacular edition to date. If you were not attentive to the sale of ASOT 1000 tickets, you can register at the waiting list what you will find here.

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