AstroLizard releases "Need You" by surprise on WAKAAN

AstroLizard makes a surprise appearance on the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN for the release of "Need You".

Surprise on the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN with the release of an unexpected single. Last June 22 Sharlitz Website released her long-awaited extended play called Spider Cider surprising all listeners. Also on the alternate record label SSKWAN, the supreme witch Redrum released the second and last song called Floating to Pisces Moon EP.

Without anyone expecting it, astrolizard break into again WAKAAN to delight us with his sound design. In March, he won the hearts of many fans with his production called Big Wub Energy and in April it surprised like today, with the launch of The Mutation.

Release call production Need Youbest title impossible because what we needed for this week was a new release. A very energetic and vibrant song with a high pressure bass line and melodic elements. The sensations are as if you are being abducted and you are in outer space listening to supernatural sounds.

Enjoy the new production of astrolizard unexpected but totally necessary called Need You. Now available through the record label of Liquid Stranger.

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