WAKAAN surprises us with «The Mutation» by AstroLizard

WAKAAN surprises us almost in the middle of the week and just gives us a new AstroLizard track, under the nickname «The Mutation».

We were looking forward to the next release of WAKAAN and it looked like they weren't going to release any new tracks this week. However, there are different ways to make anyone happy on Tuesday, and this is one of them. Without announcing anything, WAKAAN gives us a new track by AstroLizard.

astrolizard is a great artist from head to toe. It is not the first nor will it be the last time that he appears on WAKAAN. The label of Liquid Stranger decides to count on him again, after the fantastic track he released last month called Big Wub Energy.

Astro Lizard, The Mutation, WAKAAN

The Mutation is the new surprise tracl that he offers us WAKAAN. A somewhat calmer song than the previous ones by this fantastic and less powerful producer. A short introduction leads us to a calm drop, where rhythms and robotic sounds prevail at a slow speed. Then a second roar appears where we have a similar structure to the first.

To keep track of the creator of this fabulous track by the name of «The Mutation», known as astrolizard we leave here his Spotify, as well as the Soundcloud of the seal WAKAAN, of whom we never tire of repeating week after week that they do a fantastic job when it comes to choosing their artists. And this time not only that, but the way to brighten the week to anyone, with these shocks when it comes to seeing that they have released a new track that you did not expect.