Ataraxia debuts with "Rays Of Gold"

Ataraxia presents his new song "Rays Of Gold" through the record label Upcoming Records.

Ataraxia refers to the imperturbability of the soul and, in addition, it is the name that a duo from Madrid has chosen to show a new concept of Rawstyle. Ataraxia has discovered their new song "Rays Of Gold", with which they have made their debut on the Dutch record label Upcoming Records.

Daniel Areces and Iván Abril are the two producers behind Ataraxia. For more than three years, they began to prepare their own Rawstyle sets, but until now they had not decided to produce their own songs. For now they have presented their first single "Rays Of Gold"; however, they plan to present more songs throughout the next 2022.

"Rays Of Gold" is one of those productions that are hard to forget. The song begins with a female vowel that envelops the listener. This unleashes some powerful kickrolls, which alternate between gated and distorted kicks, until we reach the chorus to deliver the climax of the single accompanied by a very refreshing melody.

Until they release their next single, you can enjoy the new song by Ataraxia «Rays Of Gold»in all digital platforms.