Au5 debuts with "The Paper Owl" on Ophelia Records alongside Arehlai

Au5 makes his debut on the Seven Lions Ophelia Records label to release "The Paper Owl" alongside Arehlai.

One of the best melodic music designers appears for the first time on the record label of Seven Lions. In recent months, emerging and veteran artists such as Xavi, STAR SEEDS, Blanke, yetep and now it's the producer's turn Au5.

The dj and producer has made several appearances on Ophelia Records really, but never solo. He collaborated on the EP of Seven Lions Find Another Way next to the duo Crystal Skies at the release of Remember. And he has remixed Ocean, Island & Wasteland to family artists like Trivecta, Wooly & Jason Ross. This year he has also made an appearance on the record label of SLANDER Heaven Sent Records with two productions: The way to infinity & Anywhere. With all of this, it's time for you to make he mark with the launch of a solo production.

Au5, Arehlai, The Paper Owl, Ophelia Records

If something stands out from the rest, it is that the sound that the producer possesses Au5 is unmistakable. He has a futuristic sound design with melodic soundscapes that transport you to a monumental and vibrant utopian world. Without having any limits, he constantly pushes them within the possibilities of electronic music. Austin Collins has been a lifelong musician, beginning his classical piano training from the age of 4 and studying music production from the age of 13.

The song he presents is The Paper Owl together with the vocal interpretation of Arehlai, combining a wide variety of bright atmospheres. It really feels like you are looking at the Northern Lights, feeling the beauty of what it represents, having as a soundtrack The Paper Owl. The soundscape they manage to create speaks for itself and the accompaniment of Arehlai conquers listeners, making us daydream.

The debut release of Au5 is just as we imagined and he gets a new pure piece in his musical repertoire. Enjoy on all platforms The Paper Owl together with the singer-songwriter Arehlai through Ophelia Records.

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