Avalan and Antonia present Take Me Somewhere, anthem of SAGA Festival

Avalan teams up with Romanian vocalist Antonia to present the second official anthem of his career called Take Me Somewhere.

The carrer of Avalan continues to grow gigantic with a new milestone in one of the ALDA Events festivals. After his collaboration with Armin van Buuren, he performed at AMF 2020 for many virtual assistants around the world. World We Know became a worldwide success, so much so that the Alterboyz remix he became the official anthem of the festival.

After being confirmed as one of the headliners of SAGA Festival, will return to make the official anthem of a festival for the second time in his career. From a festival in which the world's number 1 ceremony is held to another led by two leading promoters in their respective countries. Success hasn't knocked on Avalan's door, it has knocked it down. Along with iconic Romanian vocalist Antonia, Take Me Somewhere is the anthem of the first edition of SAGA Festival.


With a youthful and summery line, Avalan perfect his own melodies and rhythms with the charming voice of Antonia. A soundtrack for all those memories left by this first edition held during the days 10, 11 and 12 September. Both artists wanted to do something special and together with ALDA and Global Records established a track that would unite and tell the story of people who are eager to travel, who love festivals and who, above all, want to live free. A special release for Avalan, since it occurs in a time when the whole world is slowly opening up. For Antonia, it's a song that makes you think of summer, fun and freedom to live to the fullest.

This release comes a month before SAGA Festival finally be celebrated. The union of ALDA and Insomniac will bring together some of the most important artists in electronic music. More than 100 names from the house, techno or progressive genre They will have their latest generation visuals and phenomenal pyrotechnics. For more information about the event, you can consult our last article or his website.

Take Me Somewhere is available both in Spotify as on YouTube and soon, it will sound in the heart of Bucharest. If you don't want to miss it ... Tickets are still available!

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