Avalan premieres the Festival Mix of «World We Know»

Avalan culminates one of the greatest months of his career with the Festival Mix al "World We Know" which he presented at the virtual AMF festival.

Two weeks ago, Avalan he presented himself to the whole world with a unique and different performance. In a Johan Cruyff Arena empty, as well as mystical, he showed the world his new track "World We Know". anthem of the virtual edition of the Amsterdam Music Festival, surprised many of the attendees. That November 7, Avalan stopped being a young promise to be part of a cartel with names like Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Nicky Romero or Afrojack.

For this Festival Mix collaborates again with alterboyz, who have already remixed their first track "Sucked for Love" under its former name No Class. In it, they adapt this track so symbolic and inspired by the current situation to be able to enjoy it on the dance floors soon.

Enjoy the Festival Mix and the topic original and get to know Avalan more thoroughly through his social networks. Wish him all the luck in the world and hopefully he can perform again in a packed Johan Cruijff Arena.

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