B-Front and E-Force join forces in "Faith & Insanity"

B-Front and E-Force, two of the most established artists this 2020 join forces in the third release of the EP «Thank God For Music».

B-Front add on and on. After the launches of "Purest Heart" alone and "Cosmos" together with Deetox, he presents “Faith & Insanity”, a track with which closed his set in the 2019 edition of Qlimax. Again, trust again E-Force, one of the most fit artists in terms of raw is concerned with whom he has already shared "May God Have Mercy."

With a quite melodic intro, it ends in a few kicks, a work of the fusion of both styles. Yes "May God Have Mercy" could lean more towards E-Force style, "Faith of Insanity" it is quite the opposite. B-Front takes you to your ground skimming the darkest sounds. A new work of art to add to the history of both artists and that once again shows that they are 2 of the most outstanding artists of this year that is about to end.

Listen to "Faith & Insanity" on all platforms and be attentive to the social networks by B-Front. Is left over a single topic to end his EP Thank God For Music.

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