Bass Canyon releases a dream Line Up for 2021

Bass Canyon unleashes a dream Line Up to reunite the headbangers, August 20-22, 2021, at The Gorge Amphitheater.

Hope is getting closer and little by little we are verifying it, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer ... That illusion of surrounding yourself with your friends, planning where to travel, which artist you most want to see and making an account regressive. Each and every one of the people who love live music, something has been stolen from them that until now they did not know what it was; the happiness of going to a club or a large event such as a festival. That happiness, which has been absent for so long, is flourishing again. And there is nothing more magical than recovering it in one of the most amazing locations in this world, The Gorge Amphitheater.

Annually a multitude of events are held in the amphitheater of Washington, with unique sunsets; through music it can become one of your best experiences. One of the quintessential events held in The Gorge Amphitheater is the festival of Excision, known as Bass Canyon. Before the whole world was confined, Jeff announced that the event was going to have one of the most exclusive back-to-back of 2019; Excision B2B ILLENIUM. To which a week later he released the Line Up complete, except for some names that would be revealed later.

Excision he hopes that his two festivals will be celebrated, Lost Lands & Bass Canyon. From the first hour he was honest with all the followers and, if the situation worsens, he would be forced to cancel them; even so, it has launched the sale of tickets for its two events. When the day couldn't get any better, with the launch of nurture and, the sale of tickets to Bass Canyon… The team of Excision unveils the Line Up for 2021 to be held from the 20 al 22 de August at The Gorge Amphitheater.

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The Line Up is a dream come true; especially when, after more than a year without live music, you see your favorite artists on it. There have been some small adjustments, compared to what was announced last year ... It has been so long that it seems as if that has not happened. Really, many people will no longer remember who was confirmed and the best of all is to see how the vast majority have remained. That is just a sample of the hard work they have done throughout these months and they deserve to be there.

Two Stages where no one wants to miss a single artist. Fans will enjoy an experience at one of the best locations in the world; around an aura that breathes peace and adrenaline, because Bass Canyon is going to break your neck.

First of all, one of the best artists in the world Dubstep as 12th Planet, without missing his annual appointment to the event of his friend Jeff. Possibly, it is the artists who most deserved this opportunity, ATLiens. The music scene's favorite alien duo bass; have shown the ability to be among the big names, just as they made appearances in Lost Lands, you will have your chance at The Gorge. The visuals that drive fans crazy between punchy and heavy beats, Black Tiger Sex Machine, they could not miss in this event. He is one of the most electric artists, with a sound design from hell itself that will tear everyone to pieces, Calcium. For lovers of Downtempo and Wubs wubs, as well as versatility, Champagne Drip it is wonderful to be able to see him.

Excited to be able to share the Line Up, as well as all of his friends, Decaden; he has been sincere thanking the entire team of Excision to be able to be in an event of such dimensions. Dion Timmer can be a box of surprises at The Gorge, following the launch of their new Arcane EP. However, the producer already mentioned that he did not want to stop losing his essence, so prepare yourself for a heavy. It is one of the names that has caught everyone's attention the most, Downlink (DnB Set); totally unexpected, as this confirmation is one of the new ones, compared to last year. The Belgian producer, epic, has not been able to contain the emotion showing the euphoria through social networks. It is the first time that the artist will be at the event.

The jewel in the crown, three unique Sets by the person who makes this possible, Excision. You will have a Set under your professional name, another as Detox Set and the last day to close in an unforgettable way; Excision B2B ILLENIUM. Jeff & Nick will come to Bass Canyon this year to play its second BXNUMXB, albums in sight and including their third collaboration, with HALIENE. In Lost Lands they closed the edition with their second collaboration Feel something and, this second back-to-back, seems to be more attractive at The Gorge Amphitheater.

The Gorge Amphitheater

Ganja White Night… Has altered the entire Bass music scene with the release of his album Dark Wobble; he plans to put on a performance like no other after this. HEKLERNeedless to say… Fans are delighted with the new sound design for his album. A heavyweight with his emotional side, it's a real joy to see Kai Wachi On the line up, it's going down The Gorge. He debuted in 2019 and will be back for the second time, Kompany never disappoints, because songs like Limit & Nibiru speak for themselves.

We can't say anything to Sonya other than to congratulate her. The progress she have made LEVEL UP in this last year it is simply incredible and every day she grows. WAKAAN means family and, the founder of one of the record labels with the most presence today will be; Liquid Stranger. Along with him, he will also be accompanied by family artists such as LSDREAM. One of the casualties that the Line Up has had and, how much we have missed is Lucii.

We continue with heavyweights within this fascinating genre and also, young people. MARAUDA debuted in Bass Canyon in 2019 offering an unprecedented musical repertoire and how it will never be there again. Just knowing that both he and SLANDER, they are in the Line Up and think that they are going to premiere their collaboration there. From Derek & Scott to say that no one already knows ... The amount of new music they have and that we are still looking forward to, and hopefully they will release a lot of music soon.

For lovers of heavy bass, PhaseOne is back in The Gorge to deliver an amazing new performance. Riot Ten about to release his album, it will also be one of the most acclaimed performances by fans. Space Laces, is by far one of the best producers today and recently froze the entire scene with Vault 003. May Jesse never be lacking in a Line Up, the talent and ingenuity, which he has Subtronics it is brutality on any stage. Like Keaton, Sullivan King it's going to roar everything Washington. Both he and us, we have screamed at the sight of his name, Ray Volpe. The versatility that the producer has, capable of bringing out the most emotional side, such as the fierce one, is to set the Stage on fire.

SVDDEN DEATH this time he won't act like VOYD; but we couldn't be happier that one of the best artists did not miss this event. Danny has an arsenal of music in store for you to fall on your back and not get up, he is a genius. Adam could not be absent either, Wooly It is a deadly weapon in any setting. We also have to congratulate one of the artists who have followed her professional career the most until today, Vampa. Seeing her name on the Line Up and getting excited about how much she is growing, she deserves this opportunity and thousands more. And of course special mention to YOOKie to be released Bubble Bass and be at the event.

There is a great variety of artists too who could perfectly be at the top of the Line Up, but they are not. That does not mean that they have less qualities, because those who are below have the capacity to fill a Stage. One of the most specialized artists in melodic Bass music as Au5, that performance is unmissable. Banda is a prodigy and he showed it on the live broadcast on InsomniacTV.

If there is a producer, capable of offering a varied Set, with different genres and losing his mind, it is with Blanke. It is so versatile that it can be adapted to any stage and audience. He is the creator of one of the best productions of the year with Jason Ross & Chandler on One More Day. The young man DNMO, caught the attention of Zeds Dead, has been support of Alison Wonderland, he deserve this incredible opportunity. The brother & sister Fancy Monster, will appear for the first time in Bass Canyon. They were the first Spotlight artists of Subsidia Records.

Outstanding producers will also be as Hydraulix, Inzo, Lione, Oliverse, Subdocta, Sully and many more. One of the things to highlight and that, it is very important that it be known, Nurko, William Black & yetep… They were also confirmed from last year. Before dialing Nurko a sensational year, already knew the team of Excision of his worth. William Black is on track to release his second album and Deep End left thousands speechless. Yetep has Broken Subsidia Records with the release of his EP.

SWARM… Simply a genius, and I wish we could see him higher up in the Line Up but I'm proud to see him at The Gorge Amphitheater. He is such a humble artist and so much work, that we hope that the entire scene will turn to him and support his project; just like we do with him.

The number of artists and the quality that will be in this edition is impressive. If you have the opportunity, don't think twice; not only are you going to enjoy an experience to the limit, but you are going to live the magic of The Gorge Amphitheater. The experience Bass Canyon by Excision is ready to be held and tickets are already available.

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