Bass Modulators leave us in a trance with "Bass Ex Machina"

Bass Modulators present their second release of 2021 called "Bass Ex Machina", oriented to the hard trance sound.

After the 3 releases of the promising young Art of Creation: Eternity, is the turn of the most veteran artists. The level is very high. High, Faith Of The Saint & into pieces have reached several of the highest positions on release charts. It's not for less, since they're authentic masterpieces. Last of Us, A RIZE & JGSW have exceeded expectations and have been acclaimed on social networks, increasing the number of followers exponentially.


From Down The Rabbit Hole, the duo's first release in 2021, Bass Modulators return to the release charts with Bass Ex Machina. Like many of the releases in this last month from top-level artists, it was premiered in Defqon.1 At Home. If we cataloged the previous releases of the label with a sound very recognizable to Art of Creation, Bass Ex Machina is totally different. Not only to art of creation, but to any release in recent months.

Starting with a trance melody, increases power over time, becoming a futuristic hard trance bomb and moving from the real world to a 3D reality. Headed by 4 drops, each of them transmits a different energy at an overwhelming speed. In their own social networks, they conducted a survey on which drop liked the most and curiously, each of the drops could have the same vote. Nobody decided on just one!

Now available on Spotify, Bass Ex Machina will possibly be one of the most listened to songs of the month. In Art of Creation each artist has their potential and the sum of all makes it one of the best labels today. Young talents shouldn't only look at Headhunterz o Wildstylez, but also in artists like those who make up Bass Modulators, capable of, without making much noise, present a track of this level.

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