Bear Grillz Releases The FRIENDS Debut Album

Bear Grillz releases his debut album called The Friends in which he is composed of a total of twelve songs through Dim Mak.

Carrying out a project as sacrificial and personal as a studio album, on a personal level and as an artist is more than rewarding. And what better way to do something so great that requires a lot of work around your friends. The artist Bear Grillz presents his first album, FRIENDS.

The FRIENDS album see the light through Dim Mak with a total of twelve songs. Bear Grillz he works with a wide variety of versatile artists and most of all, with his friends. A first production with the most talented artists as far as Melodic is concerned, Adventure Club. Along with the magnificent voice of J.T. Roach in «Where we are«. In "Give em what They want»Works with the group Irration in a song more focused on Reggae. In "Run It" with Riot Ten y Bok nero they go deeper into their styles through Dubstep. Other collaborations also the same characteristics as the anterores are of Tisoki y Sam nelson in «Taking over» or «Bring The Smoke" with Blunts & Blondes.

Bear Grillz has always trusted and supported the artist SIPPY and it is not for less that it participates in the album with «Blast like«. More interesting collaborations on the album like «Light It Up" with Spag Heddy Y "Fire to the roof" with O.G. Nixin. In addition to a second with Sam nelson in «Sad story«, Being one of the most striking of the album. Other more aggressive productions with figure in «Vortex Engine", in addition to Dion Timmer y Atarii in «Scumbag«. To end Bear Grillz works with katastro in a combination of Hip Hop and Melodic Bass. Being one of the most differentiated and make the album shine.

The first studio album is now available on all digital platforms under the name of The Friends by Bear Grillz.

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