Black Tiger Sex Machine start with «Leaders» the third album

Black Tiger Sex Machine are back to start with "Leaders" the first production of their third studio album on Kannibalen Records.

The trio formed by Patrick Barry, Marc-André Chagnon & Julien Maranda, professionally known as Black Tiger Sex Machine come back stronger than ever. The founders of the Canadian record label Kannibalen Records are in the process of starting the journey towards their third studio album.

In 2016, the producers wowed the world with their hard-hitting sound design, with their debut album. Welcome To Our Church. The visuals have always been one of the strongest points they have had throughout their career, not to mention of course the musical quality. But they know how to put the two together at a level that is not suitable for everyone, and that makes them unique.

Taking their music to all corners, under an unreal show composed of multiple sensations, and above all adrenaline. They released in 2018 the sophomore album New worlds. Live events at the best festivals in the world, leaving all fans speechless, have never ceased to amaze. The trio Black Tiger Sex Machine have always been considered one of the most exclusive and acclaimed figures, in recent years, just like now.

In 2020 they had one of the best and most ambitious tours planned to date, with a production beyond imaginations. A film transformed into a musical experience around Canada and the United States. They took electronic music to another level for a few days, and due to the pandemic they had to cancel the tour. Although they were without giving news for a while, but without forgetting the fans: they uploaded the complete Set of the tour to YouTube and released Futuristic Thriller EP.

This 2021 they started it better than ever, because they finally released one of the most anticipated collaborations in recent years. The union between Kayzo & Black Tiger Sex Machine was fulfilled thanks to the production Lifeline.

At the end of April, the trio was making an appearance again with a great purpose for the fans, as well as a great song. Together with the singer-songwriter J.T. Roach, they released Creature through Kannibalen Records, and the first official sale of the Helmets. With a significant number of events planned for this year such as Electric Zoo, Imagine Music Festival, Bass Canyon & Lost Lands, among many others, announce a new album.

Black Tiger Sex Machine, Alborosie, Leaders, Kannibalen Records

All this time we had no news about Black Tiger Sex Machine was because they were working on this new album. Much of this new long-term project will be able to live live during the producers' show in Red Rocks.

The first production presented to us is called Leaders, with the vocal performance of Alborosie. For the producers it is one of the best pieces that they have created and, this is the first track that they offer to all the fans. Daring and different rhythms, to start the new album in good shape,

Enjoy now on all platforms of Leaders, by Black Tiger Sex Machine & Alborosie through Kannibalen Records.

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