Blanke releases "Spark" with Dia Frampton, his first solo-track on Ophelia Records

Blanke releases his first solo production entitled "Spark" with Dia Frampton on the Ophelia Records label.

They are being one of the best record labels in the melodic bass music on the scene and they show it every week. As usual, Ophelia Records of DJ and producer Seven Lions they are in the center of attention. They have not slowed down since the year began, providing projects that will be among the favorites for many of the year. The release of the albums of Xavi & MitiS called To The Endless Searing Skies & Lost, respectively. In addition to other releases such as Twilight Of The Gods, The Core, Shadows o Getaway, to name a few. Two new Extended Plays are on view for Jason Ross and for the duo STAR SEEDS. The producer Jason Ross has already shared the songs One More Day & Wild Ones which will be included in Convergence EP. On the other hand STAR SEEDS they have already released the first one titled Ultraviolet de Inner Space EP.

Again, Ophelia Records provides a production that will talk to one of the most versatile artists in the game. John Paul Orchison, professionally known as Blanke… By far one of the best producers today. It has a musical repertoire and a contagious sound design that hooks anyone. It was about time I got a hole on the record label of Seven Lions, to release his first solo production.

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The first solo appearance, he does it through the front door, with one of the best singer-songwriters. With Dia Frampton, Blanke makes his debut on Ophelia Records with the song titled Spark. The whole scene was turned upside down with him, at the moment he shared the launch through social networks. Everyone knows that he is one of the best and he deserves all the good that happens to him, not only for his work, but for what he always transmits.

The track opens between melodies, as if it ignited the inner flame that we keep, in this case the sparks. Transmitting those incandescent sensations from less to more during the track, making anyone who hears it shine. The vocal performance of Dia Frampton, it is as usual, a work of art. Like Blanke, before an energetic and euphoric melody, without anything or anyone being able to break that barrier that produces the transmitted feelings. In both the first and second drops, the synths feel like a release of endorphins, feeling invincible.

Blanke has always wanted to collaborate with Dia Frampton for a long time and loves the positive and uplifting message; makes him renew and alive. On the other hand Dia has also had a great experience together with Blanke. The singer-songwriter clarifies that last year she really showed her who her true friends were; the people who are there for you during your darkest hours, and that's what Spark is all about.

Hopefully it's not the last time we see Blanke en Ophelia RecordsEither with a collaboration or solo single. You can listen to their production Spark with Dia Frampton , on all digital music platforms.

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