Blanke presents his Digital Album «Project 1543»

Blanke presents "Project 1543" composed of 14 tracks during the 14 days of confinement of the artist in this pandemic.

This year hundreds of artists have taken advantage of the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic to produce new music. One of many of those artists is Blanke. The producer revealed through social networks that the next 23 de October he was going to launch his new work through BandCamp.

The announcement of the launch was accompanied by how it has been to be carried out, during 14 days of confinement, 2 Tests de Covid As I spent my days in a hotel room without any Label and without contact with him manager, no fresh air and without structures or plans for it. 14 days in which every day there was a new idea to create «Project 1543" composed by 14 tracks.

A new raw experience through ups and downs allowing Blanke express your creativity to the full, that's how you define us «Project 1543«. Each song is a quarantine day, so each day and song is a completely different experience than the day before.

You can purchase the digital album through Bandcamp and enjoy the work of one of the best producers today.

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