The massive Boiler Room Paris: Possession line up has been announced

Boiler Room and Possession join forces with their biggest collaboration yet, Boiler Room Paris: Possession, which will take place on December 11th, 2021.

This next Saturday, December 11th, Boiler Room will be broadcasting from inside Possession, one of Paris' most critical underground queer techno raves. Having previously worked together, both companies have created nothing but memorable nights together, creating lots of excitement for their latest show in Paris later this year. This stands as their biggest collaboration yet, taking place in the mammoth industrial space, Parc des Expositions Paris Le Bourget.

As always, Boiler Room & Possession never failed to amaze with their previous line ups. Having this in mind, it’s pretty safe to say that Boiler Room Paris: Possession's line up will warm the audience up during the winter. I Hate Models brings his industrial sound full of hard kicks; enjoy live sets of the mighty Vladimir Dubyshkin & 999999999; the great Hector Oaks returns to Boiler Room; obviously Parfait,resident of Possession will be present, while the Portuguese powerhouse ØTTA moves along with Anatha, Dj Gigola, KI/KI, Lucinee, Mac Declos, MRD, Baby H, Trym, Varya Karpova, Viper Diva, AIROD and the powerful VTSS.

Back when techno was discovered, clubs quickly became a safe space for minority groups; whether you were Black, gay or trans, it didn’t matter on the dancefloor. These clubs became a sort of temporary escape, where people could fully be themselves. But outside the clubs, techno continues to provide a framework for experimentation and adventure. It has become a more egalitarian and diverse place, something that Boiler Room and Possession capture perfectly.

Both Boiler Room and Possession are arguably some of the most pioneering and influential event companies within the modern underground techno scene, making it amazing to see them join forces. Unique in their own individual ways, the main key both of them share is their ability to modernize all while maintaining the original escapism and safety aspect that was birthed with techno in the early 90s.

For more information about the event, you can access the official page of Boiler Room.