Bossfight teams up with JT Roach & RUNN to release "Shadow"

Bossfight recruits singer-songwriters JT Roach & RUNN to release their song "Shadow" via Monstercat.

Swedish producer and record label veteran Monstercat, professionally known as boss fight has adopted the melodic side of his sonic profile. Together with the best singer-songwriters in the electronic music industry, he presents his new and irresistible song called Shadow. Recruit J.T. Roach & RUN to release it through Monstercat.

Combining the identifiable letters of J.T. Roach, the pop sensibilities of RUN, and the full-bodied production of boss fight, their disparate styles intertwine to bring the emotional Shadow. The hard-hitting drums and delicate voice are reminiscent of the remix of Potions by Bossfight , which marks the first time the producer collaborates with J.T. Roach.

The song Shadow has been in the works for over half a year, and they can finally show it off to the world. It all came about when boss fight contact with J.T. Roach via Twitter and sent him the instrumental, just at the best moment, since J.T. Roach was inspired and wrote all the melodies firsthand. He decided to call the song Shadow and write it about the new phase of a relationship where all you want to do is spend time with the person you are so excited about, and the feelings of uncertainty that come with that.

After that, J.T. Roach he sent it to her good friend RUN, because he thought it would sound amazing, and it would feel even more compelling as a duo. She led the production Shadow to the next level vocally and the finishing touches of boss fight really brought her to what it is now.

The singer-songwriter RUN is thrilled to make her debut release as she is an incredibly talented person and she is fortunate to have him as a friend and collaborator. Listen to the song on all platforms Shadow of the artists Bossfight, JT Roach & RUNN through Monstercat.

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