Break of Dawn debut on Art of Creation: Eternity with "High"

Break of Dawn make history on Art of Creation: Eternity with "High", the label's first release alongside vocalist Meryll.

Imagine your career in the hardstyle scene is just starting and Headhunterz and Wildstylez play one of your next releases at Defqon.1 at Home. Later, at Tomorrowland: Around the World. Even live, the first thing the viewer thinks of the event is that it's a Headhunterz ID. Obviously, it talks about the category and quality of the release. Along with A-Rize and JGSW, break of dawn are the first members of Art of Creation: Eternity and the future of the label for years to come.


High is made up of a catchy and fun melody at the same time with the wonderful vocal of Meryll. After being involved in several of the Ecstatic releases such as Let your mind free, Wildest Dreams o The Waking Call, Meryll jumps to another great label as it's art of creation. At a general level, it's a fantastic production by Break of Dawn. They brilliantly interprets the Art of Creation style and adapts it to its greatest artists. As for the kicks, they remind us a lot of Wildstylez. From start to finish, High is a playful track that hooks the listener to keep listening. The perfect premiere on a label that is going to give a lot to talk about for years to come. A track that they'll not forget for an eternity both Mark and Mischa.

High is now available on Spotify and Youtube. You can also find the moment when it was played in Defqon.1 and Tomorrowland in the social networks from Break of Dawn. Follow them so you don't miss future news!

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