Melodic techno took over the Parque Lineal de Manzanares with Brunch Electronik

Brunch Electronik presented its most melodic version in Madrid with artists of the stature of Mathame, Kas:st and Cassian.

El last Saturday, June 3 we attended the penultimate brunch of the season in Madrid at the Manzanares Linear Park. On this occasion Electronik Brunch Is associated with Zamnah Festival to delight us with the house and melodic techno shows by the hand of Mathame, Kas:st, Cassian, Henry Bergman y Amber Venn.

After the successful brunches last year at this location, this time it could not be less and the sign of sold out for the event as in the previous ones of this 2023.

We entered the venue around 17:30 p.m. with Cassian at the controls of the cabin. Since it was the first time we attended this location, the first thing to do is to take a reconnaissance tour. We are on the opposite side of the stage, a large rest area with food trucks and even craft stalls. If you wanted to rest for a while or just eat something or have a delicious cocktail, there was a choice.

The Los Angeles-based Australian emerged alongside the trio SOIL RÜFÜS from which we could hear his acclaimed remix of the track on my knees. His style focuses on a mix between progressive house and melodic techno. We usually see it in the line up of the quintessential melodic techno label Afterlife.

As a collaborator of this label we highlight in the session his latest remix of the successful track «My City's On Fire" With anyma, member of the duo Tale Of Us. To finish the set, he wanted to delight us with his recent release, collaboration with ICEHOUSE, the new ID «Great southern land«.

After the immersive set of Cassian it was the turn of the parisians Kas:st. The duo despite the fact that their last album «To Magic World» is pure melodic, in the shows they usually show their most underground part, contributing an atypical and avant-garde vision to techno music. For us it was the highlight of the day since we have had few occasions to see them perform and they presented an impeccable set.

They brought out their most techno version and mixed the latest releases from artists like Wehbba o Enrico Sangiuliano without leaving aside his successes such as «Hold Me To The Light» or «leaving earth«. 

finishing the set of Kas:st the dark clouds that had been overhead for a while decided to stop giving us respite and it started to rain hard reminding us of the previous brunch in Ifema with Solomun. The organization had foreseen that this could happen and once again distributed raincoats to all attendees who wanted them at the bars.

At 21: 05 just start the set of Mathame They announced that for reasons beyond their control, the agents of the SIES (Services Inspection and Evaluation Section) of the police decided to cancel and evacuate the event. It had already stopped raining but the decision was made. So we had no choice but to leave what was being a memorable afternoon. We are left wanting to see the brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli in action. Being able to listen to his epics IDs as Nothing Around Us, fade into you o Never Give Up once again always a pleasure.

Finally, the organization will issue a statement in the coming days to see how to compensate attendees for the cancellation of the event. Surely they will get an option that will satisfy everyone. If you do not want to miss the last shows of the season you can buy your tickets at the Brunch Electronik official page.