Callie Reiff shines again in "What Ifs" with Louella

Callie Reiff brings out the best in her again with the release of her new production titled "What Ifs" with Louella.

The brilliant producer enters the scene again for the release of a new production that differentiates her from the rest. It seems like yesterday when Callie Reiff was introduced to the best festivals in the world; each of the people who came to see her discovered a new jewel. The NYC-based dj and producer is a hidden gem that few value, but whoever values ​​her knows that she is one of the best in the industry.

She has attended festivals like EDC, Orlando & Las Vegas, Creamfields or Ultra Miami, and deadmau5 saw in her what others did not. A dream come true that the 21-year-old artist has had a presence in the best places in the world. She went to Red Rocks with deadmau5, and not only that, but she had the honor of doing a B2B with him after the show in Temple Denver. She not only has his support, but also that of Skrillex, who even recommended her to an agency.

Following the work she has done in recent months, she has participated in live broadcasts such as at Sofi Tukker's residence. She has collaborated with Lenii for the song titled The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0 and continued with the release crash into me. Now get back into the game with another massive single.

Callie Reiff, Louella, What Ifs

Without stopping to shine returns with a song titled What Ifs together with the vocal interpretation of Louella. She is currently pursuing a new sound design geared towards the Indie Club. At just 21 years old, she continues to push boundaries, pushing herself in new paths while forgetting her roots as a DJ and producer.

Throughout the entire production, she takes the listener on a spontaneous journey but as if you wanted to repeat it over and over again, through the emotional voice of Louella. It feels like an emotional journey through ups and downs with someone or even yourself. In order to Callie last year was very hard for her and everyone else, and we have been dealing with not knowing how things will turn out.

The work of Callie Reiff is unlike any other, she is unique and her story speaks for herself. She made history on the music scene as the youngest DJ to perform on Webster Hall. Since then she has been able to take advantage of all the opportunities that have come their way, opening for Ed Sheeran or Skrillex. She has captured the attention of the best in the industry, in addition to accompanying her professional career in music, with her other career as a model. The limit that the versatile artist has is right now in the sky, and we hope it doesn't.

A star that continues to shine and will never stop, her talent speaks for itself and there is no one to turn it off. Can you hear the new song of Callie Reiff entitled What Ifs , on all digital music platforms.

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