Canabliss debuts on SSKWAN with "Freak It" [Interview]

Canabliss makes her debut on the record label of Liquid Stranger SSKWAN for her first release in 2021 with the song "Freak It."

After a long time of waiting, what many fans wished for has happened on the record label of Liquid Stranger. Samantha Infusini, known professionally as Canabliss, makes an appearance for the first time in SSKWAN, to leave a great mark and show the world her skills.

In a very short time the artist has managed to capture the attention of the electronic music scene. From Canada and from a very young age, passionate about art in all its aspects, coming to feel total interest in musical production. The team of Liquid Stranger, did not hesitate for a second to observe the talent he has and the great capacity she has, as well as to be a member of OptimysticGroup.

Some of the productions that she has released in her professional career has been StillLit, Cove, Pot Pipes, Drifting and many more. She has immersed herself in the bass music scene, to the point of finding support from artists such as TroyBoi or PEEKABOO in shows. She continues with a unique experimental sound design reflecting her passion for art and her career has only just begun. She has the honor of debuting on one of the best record labels at this moment, SSKWAN.

Canabliss, Freak It, SSKWAN

She makes her debut with the first release of this 2021, releasing the production called Freak It. Despite the fact that last year COVID-19 interfered with her plans, she has continued to work on creativity in the studio, and this is the result.

As usual in SSKWAN, each production is a supernatural journey to an ethereal world where listeners do not like to return to the reality from which we came. The production Freak It starts between vibrant melodies and melodic synths, towards a rocking bass line. It is an ancient journey through the song, taking listeners to a futuristic and experimental experience, with fascinating soundscapes.

This song comes a week after Excision, will confirm her at his festival Lost Lands for this year, making her debut at one of the best annual events. For our part, we were not going to miss the opportunity to speak with her about her debut in SSKWAN, with the production Freak It.

Hey Canabliss, thank you so much for joining us, and congratulations on your debut SSKWAN release with your first single of the year! How have the last few months been?

Thank you so much for having me, and thank you for the congratulations! I am so excited about this song. The last few months have been pretty good, given all lockdowns where I live in Canada. I’ve mostly just been laying low, locked up either working on music, or gaming… So I can’t really complain. Luckily things finally have been opening up here, so it’s been exciting to be able to see more friends and family again.

We consider WAKAAN / SSKWAN to be of the best record labels today, especially because of the family bond that exists within it. You have debuted on SSKWAN with your latest single 'Freak It', and you actually belong to Optimystic Group. What is it like working with them and having the support of a great team?

I feel so honoured to be a part of the WAKAAN/SSKWAN team! Exactly like you said, there is a huge sense of familiarity and closeness when working with them. Everyone is extremely supportive, and always down to help one another out which is really lovely.

One thing I particularly noticed right away is how passionate the group is. It’s definitely very inspiring and motivating to be around. I feel so blessed to be able to release my music through such a great label, and to have been so welcomed into such a family-like team!

You shared that "'Freak It' was one of the best tracks you've ever produced. For us, anything released by SSKWAN always new, unique sounds that relax us, we find peace in them. Do you get the same feeling? What would you like people to feel when listening to your music? Do you have plans to release more music for the rest of the year?

I definitely get the same feeling! I absolutely love trippy and chill music, I feel like SSKWAN encapsulates that energy perfectly with their releases. That is for sure the vibe I was going for with 'Freak It', plus some extra spice of course.

When listening to my music, I want people to be able to connect to it on a deeper level. Getting lost in the emotions of some songs, feeling hyped up by others, wanting to move and dance, or overall just feeling yourself and being confident are all things I really strive to achieve with my music.

To answer the question about having more releases; yes! I certainly have more release plans for this year, and I can’t wait to get them out there and for you all to hear them!

Canabliss, SSKWAN

You have grown up with a strong passion for art, everything from photography to music to video games. One of your goals that we take from your brand is to empower other girls, and inspire them to achieve their dreams. Are you currently achieving your goal? What girls have inspired you to get to where you are now?

I’d say I’ve definitely had a good start. Just seeing other girls and women do things that one may have never believed they were capable of themselves, is sometimes all the push we need to get that inspiration/motivation. I try to spread an empowering mes-sage through a lot of my music and the more artsy posts on my social media.

I don’t want to hide my femininity since producing is a male-dominated industry, just because I look or dress a certain way doesn’t mean I don’t know what i’m doing. I can take hot pictures and still make dope music, and kick ass in Call of Duty.

For girls who have inspired me, I definitely have plenty of female rappers to thank. I think the whole rap scene portrays very boss feminine energy, and I find it super inspiring and empowering.

Following up from before, what would you like people to say about you when they read or hear the name Canabliss?

The name 'Canabliss' originally came from my instagram handle. When I started posting on instagram in high school, I wanted a name that had to do with cannabis since I used to post a lot about it then. At that time I also used to sometimes do graffiti tags around my hometown under the name 'Bliss' so 'Canabliss' just came to me, and it’s just stuck with me since!

I love how it has a kinda girly, but edgy ring to it. It also relates to some of my songs in a way where I like them to have more pretty melodic aspects, but also add in that crispy bass, for a nice balance of both worlds.


Putting music aside, have you been able to continue advancing your passion into other aspects of art? Graphic design, photography, graffiti… Any new practice that has to do with art? Have you found a new hobby?

I always love learning new art forms, but I have quite a few right now, so I've tried leveling up the ones I already have, rather than starting new ones. Music is always a priority for me, but I will always be passionate about photography.

I’ve done a few creative self-photoshoots at home this year which is always fun. Also, I don’t know if baking/cooking is legitimately considered an art, but it feels like they are to me so I think it’s worth the mention. I’m always trying to learn new recipes and bake cool desserts in my spare time, which is super fun to me and quite rewarding.

Lastly, is there something you would like to say to continue inspiring other people?

As cliche as it is, always follow your heart. Follow those instincts of what brings you happiness and what you want to share and contribute with this world. Don’t overly fo-cus on having a backup plan, have the confidence that you will achieve whatever you want to do. We are truly capable of anything we want to achieve, it’s all about believ-ing in yourself enough to put your energy into those things. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do. Your interests will always come back to you, so you might as well grasp them to the best of your abilities and take advantage of your passions. These are some words I live by.

Thank you so much for this good time Canabliss, enjoy your release day! You are welcome here whenever you want, and we hope to see you on stage soon. You deserve it.

Thank you so much for having me and for asking such juicy questions! I really really appreciate that so much, I truly cant wait to be on the stage again! Thanks Festival Season!

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